Shockey will play Monday

Ken Palmer tells us that the Giants first round draft pick Jeremy Shockey had to sleep in a car when he arrived in Albany. It seems that someone from the organization was to meet him... and forgot.

After waiting so impatiently for the arrival of first round draft pick Jeremy Shockey, the Giants failed to give the rookie a hearty welcome.

Ken Palmer tells us that "someone" in the organization was given the assignment to greet Shockey and get him into the players dorm.

However, when his 8:25 flight didn't get off until 11:PM from Miami, it delayed getting him into Albany until after 4:00AM today.

Not wanting to wake anyone with his early arrival, the rookie slept in the back of the vehicle until someone got him.

(Note to New York Giants - this is not the way to treat a guy you gave over $6 million in signing and roster bonuses)

As reported earlier, Shockey signed his contract and was told by coach Jim Fassel to get some rest.

The contract is a six year deal (voidable after 5) worth $8.533 million dollars, including bonuses that total $6.15 million and incentives that could make the deal worth $13.28 million.

The bonus money includes:

  • $3.3 million signing bonus
  • $333,333 roster bonus to be paid five days after Shockey signs
  • $2.516 million second-tier bonus to be paid next year
Shockey will earn roughly $311,000 in base salary this season. The salary will increase to $766,000 by the fifth year. There are escalators for the fourth and fifth years of the contract that could increase the salary by roughly $1.3 million in the fourth year and $2.82 million in the fifth year.

When a refreshed Shockey reappeared later in the afternoon, he was the player everyone saw in mini-camp. In shape, sharp, and still confident in his abilities to pickup what he's missed thus far in camp.

Shockey told reporters he was confident he will get it [the offense] down as fast as he needs to, and usually does.

He was concerned about getting in as much practice as possible before Monday's Hall of Fame game with the Houston Texans in Canton.

Fassel said that Shockey will play on Monday.

We like the confidence and swagger that Shockey intends to bring to the offense...

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