FIGHT: Shockey and Short go at it !

The rookie "singing" initiation got ugly last night in the cafeteria when the agitated Brandon Short charged Jeremy Shockey after the rookie threw a dig at the linebacker. The full-out brawl had to be broken up by head coach Jim Fassel...

On Monday night in the cafeteria at training camp, the usual "rookie initiation" of Jeremy Shockey was about to take place, when things got of hand quickly.

Shockey was dining with QB's Kerry Collins and Jesse Palmer, along with special teamer Owen Pochman when the rookie was asked to sing.

The usual procedure is for a rookie to stand, say their name, what school they are from, and their signing bonus, then sing a song for the veterans.

Initially Shockey said he would sing when he was through eating. Earlier in the day, Shockey cut short a press conference by simply walking out when he was finished. Shockey's confidence and swagger just might be rubbing some of the players the wrong way.

When some of the players started giving Shockey a hard time, Shockey stood up for his initiation. He stated his name, his school, his signing bonus and before signing he said "This is for you B. Short".

LB Brandon Short has been agitated throughout training camp, with his temper flaring throughout practices.

On one play in the afternoon practice, Short chased Shockey on a corner route in the end zone, but the ball sailed beyond them, with Short and ILB Mike Barrow celebrating.

Shockey turned and said "Hope you liked that, because it ain't going to happen again."

In the end, the singing dedication did not sit well with Short, who immediately charged Shockey, avoiding one player to jump him, and promptly thows a haymaker.

The two were literally rolling around on the floor in a full out brawl, with Luke Petitgout and Mike Rosenthal attempting to break it up.

The fight continued until head coach Jim Fassel got involved and broke it up.

Short later said "Whatever happened tonight was team business", adding "This is 100% behind us. It's over."

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