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Can the Giants defense top the league? There's no doubt that the Giants defense might be very much improved. There are about five possible Pro Bowlers on this unit, including a pair of DEs and LBs. But to think they're going to be the league's best might be a bit far-fetched.

The entirely new secondary could present problems, as could the fact that William Joseph doesn't do a whole lot up the middle. Remember how dominant the Bears were last season, allowing only 12.6 points per game? Not sure the Giants have what it takes to lead the league, but they sure could be good enough with such a high-powered offense to make a Super Bowl run.

Will Barry Cofield start? It's really starting to look that way. The Giants were very high on Cofield's potential to progress quickly when they drafted him, but no one could have really thought he'd be starting opening day, right? Cofield fared very well in his first starting assignment against the Jets and doesn't exactly have Dana Stubblefield in his prime in front of him in Joseph. There's no way Tom Coughlin is going to anoint any starters just yet, but the longer Cofield keeps running and producing with the first-team and the longer Joseph does nothing when given the opportunity, the more likely a scenario it becomes.

Donovan's dominance – Only an Eagles fan that hasn't already seen ‘Invincible' three times would have the time to come up with this stat. The Birds have beaten Big Blue seven of their last 10 meetings. The only three times New York has won came when Donovan McNabb was injured. So basically the Giants haven't beaten McNabb in five years. Does it matter? Not at all. McNabb doesn't exactly have the offensive talent around him that he's become accustomed to. And a totally healthy McNabb probably won't be enough in this season's second game. This brings to mind a good joke sent in by Lou Rivera of Allentown, Pa.: You don't even need to see ‘Invincible' to know how the movie ends – the Eagles don't win the Super Bowl.

No respect – The Giants do indeed seem at times to be the NFL's Rodney Dangerfield. I can't remember the last time a defending division champ was so easily looked over the following season. Especially when said club lost nothing from its fifth-ranked offense. Surely it's that folks haven't yet fully embraced or been sold on Eli Manning. Everyone seems to be coming up with their reasons why Dallas and Washington – and even Philly – can win the division as opposed to reasons why the defending champs will repeat. The ball's in the Giants' court – only they can prove the naysayers wrong. They're certainly capable of doing so.

Morton on the block? Not sure where this rumor came from, but the Giants are not shopping Chad Morton. Surely, there are other clubs out there that would love to have Morton and the Giants would love to be sold on Michael Jennings' return ability. But at this point in time the latter couldn't be further from the truth. They loved the punt return TD in Baltimore, but he hasn't done anything since, including struggling as a receiver. Morton is one of the game's better returners and he's looked quicker than ever. Not sure who started this one, but I wouldn't hold my breath. And unless the Giants could get a solid starting DT for Morton, which is extremely unlikely, then it would be a foolish move anyway.

Walker running to roster spot – Frank Walker has quietly all but cemented himself a spot on the final roster, something that seemed very unlikely at the outset of camp. Walker always could play the game, but was known as a player that gambled too much and didn't always follow the defensive gameplan. That seems to have changed, especially since Sam Madison has come along. Former Giant Terrell Buckley called Madison after he signed with New York and told him that Walker had talent and that Madison should take him under his wing. He did. Coupled with more maturity from Walker, who admitted he's now taking the game more seriously, it looks like Walker will be the Giants' fourth corner this season.

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