No Break for Snee

The Giants and Chris Snee let out a collective sigh of relief when it was learned that Snee did not break his left ankle during the season opener.

(There is) no fracture, no ligament damage, but an injured ankle, nevertheless," Tom Coughlin said. "He's not able to do a whole lot with it today, but that's good news â€" the fact that there's no fracture."

Coughlin did not know if Snee will be able to play in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Rich Seubert replaced Snee. "He did a good job," Coughlin said. "I think the offensive line did a good job. I want to say we had 23 plusses in the run game and five minuses, something like that, which is pretty good."...

Bad call: Coughlin continued to disagree with an offensive pass interference call on Tim Carter in the fourth quarter that negated a 19-yard completion. On the next play, Manning was intercepted by Nick Harper.

"I saw Tim Carter try to avoid in order to finish his route, and in doing that there was just some (incidental), just slight contact which had nothing to do with the play whatsoever," Coughlin said. "My question is, okay, we've gone through this. You no longer can cut the receiver off, and if there's a collision in that situation it's a penalty. What would you have him do, run right into the guy? Of course not. So he's trying to avoid him and there is a little bit of contact, but it's not much. From my position, it's not a foul."

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