Strahan Says the right things

Defensive End Michael Strahan had all right moves last night in his brief stint of playing time during the first quarter of the Monday Night exhibition game. But Strahan kept his best moves for the sidelines...

DE Michael Strahan was saying all the right things last night.

This was hardly the same player who was quoted as saying this was his "last year in New York", and the one who publicly quarreled with offensive teammate Tiki Barber. This version of Strahan got straight A's for his answers in a sideline interview during the Monday night exhibition game.

When asked about the exchange of words with Barber, Strahan replied that they are both wearing the same uniform, and that the situation is behind them. Their goal is to win football games, and that is their only focus.

When asked about the comments made by Tampa Bay player Warren Sapp, Strahan broadly grinned and did not return any barbs.

Sapp had commented to the media that Strahan should have an asterisk next to his name in the NFL record book on the sack record. He implied that the final sack was a gift and that Green Bay QB Brett Favre, friendly with Strahan, gave it to him as a "gift".

Strahan was killing us with kindness when he wished Sapp the best of luck this season and said he "hopes that they make the playoffs".

When asked whether he would return to New York after the season, he replied that he did want to return to the team, and wants to concentrate on the season right now

Strahan was certainly having fun throughout the game, celebrating wildly with teammates on the sidelines when Jeremy Shockey Shockey took a short pass and broke three tackles on a play late in the second quarter. Strahan was impressed with Shockey lowered his shoulder and plowed over Texans FS Kevin Williams.

This version of Strahan even ran out on the field to pickup the tee after a Giant kickoff.

Although it was only an exhibition game, Strahan showed the kind of class and camaraderie that is expected of a team leader, and will certainly be needed throughout the regular season if they expect a good showing or a push to the playoffs.

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