Pope: Shockey Sitch all Settled

Tight ends coach Michael Pope said there's nothing to get excited about regarding Jeremy Shockey's recent controversial comments stating that the Giants were "outcoached" in Seattle.

Pope spoke at length with Shockey after the player criticized the coaching staff in his post-game comments. Pope told Shockey that Wellington Mara and Bob Tisch, the team's late owners, would not have appreciated his comments.

"It was just he and I conversing," Pope said. "I know how much respect he had for them. Those are the kind of things you need to keep in mind. It isn't just this coaching staff or us as coaches. It's this whole franchise and what this thing stands for.

"I do not ever think that his motives are less than honorable. As he continues to progress in this profession, how he expresses those motives can be better directed."

Pope, in his 24th consecutive season as an NFL assistant coach, is an astute observer of the league and its people. His dismissed media reports that claim Tom Coughlin has "lost" the team.

"I don't think that's anywhere close to being true," Pope said. "He's as much in control as anybody in the history of football. Nobody is more detailed. When things don't work, it looks like you're out of control. And that's where we are right now. We just have some things, for whatever reason â€" it's a player here, it's a player there, the defense is making a good play. We're not destitute. People are painting us into the corner like we're destitute. We're not. We have a lot of good players. And we have a lot of big-play ability on our team. And we have played three very good football teams…how we come out of this thing in the next several weeks is going to show what we're really made of."

"(Shockey) wants to, in a good way, be a part of helping us win these games. The coverages today are doing more to take him out. He was doubled a fair amount in the game. That's good coaching on defense. That's good defense when you take the better players out of the routes. We have to continue to work to beat that with our techniques and our formations and the way we move them around."

Pope conceded Shockey's sore ankle is adversely affecting him.

"The injury has had a significant amount of deterrent in how much we can move him around," Pope said. "You haven't seen him out in that wide receiver position this year, which we did a lot last year. If you think back to the Colts game, he had several really big plays flanked as a wide receiver. But he's been on this injured foot, so we have not been able to move him around as much as we would if he were completely healthy. Because you do expose him a little bit more when you put him out in space like that."

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