Shockey would rather let play do the talking

Jeremy Shockey certainly isn't a big fan of the New York media. Since his arrival in Albany, Shockey has mostly been brief with reporters, and he says it's no accident. <P>In an exclusive interview with<EM> The Giant Insider</EM>, Shockey shares his thoughts on having to deal with the media, and how he'd much rather not have to. Here are Shockey's comments...

"I don't think anyone likes dealing with the media. It takes away from your job. If anybody likes reading the newspapers and reading what's good about them from some guy who doesn't know hardly anything about them, that's pretty stupid.

"To think these guys are your friends is pretty stupid. They're just trying to sell a story. That's all they're worried about.

"I've come in here and seen how they work. You say one thing and they spread it out all over the place. They'll take one word of your sentence and make a whole sentence up. I know I have to be careful; everybody here does. You have to be very careful about exactly what you say.

"Right when I got here, it was obvious to me. I know how they all operate. They're just trying to sell papers; that's it. So I'll deal with it when I have to, but I'd just as soon not."

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