No Love Lost

A Washington source confirmed that the bad feelings between Redskins LB coach Dale Lindsey and Giants LB LaVar Arrington are certainly mutual.

While Arrington has yet to address Lindsey's Wednesday comments that Arrington would be of no use to expose the Redskins defense because he didn't even know the defense when he was in Washington, we have this little anecdote from a Washington source.

Late last season, Arrington spoke out about his situation the week before the season finale. The next week Washington played Tampa Bay in the playoffs. The source tried to talk to Arrington, but he said, with a smile of course, that he would only answer "Tampa" to whatever question was asked. The source played along and asked a couple questions and Arrington kept answering, "Tampa," as he walked to his car. Finally the source asked, "Where would you like your position coach to go?" Arrington's response: "To the moon!"

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