War of Words is On

One can only imagine how LaVar Arrington is going to respond to some of the comments coming out of Washington, DC as the Giants and Redskins prepare for Sunday's NFC East battle.

At least one player and one coach basically blasted Arrington when asked about the former Redskins linebacker.

Here's what Redskins LBs coach Dale Lindsey said when asked how much help Arrington could provide the Giants about the Redskins defense: "None, he didn't know anything when he was here; what makes you think he'll know something up there?"

Then Washington corner Shawn Springs further stoked the flames when asked a similar question.

"I don't think LaVar knew all of the defense when he was here," Springs said.

Arrington, knowing that he'd be in the media spotlight this week, asked to do all his interviews on Thursday. Stay tuned.

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