Coachspeak: The Best of the Rest…

During the bye week, TGI had access to the Giants staff of assistant coaches. Here are what some of the coaches had to say about some of the club's pressing topics and key players.

Linebackers coach Bill Sheridan

On LaVar Arrington's limited opportunities: We are rushing him some, but we don't rush him 15 times a game. Earlier in his career, he was a pass rusher in the nickel and dime stuff. He was in the front four. We're not using him that way. We have two Pro Bowl defensive ends. We're not going to put them on the bench. So he's not getting 15-20 opportunities a game to rush the passer. When he first came out people were using him as a four-down pass rusher in nickel and dime. With Michael and Osi we're just not going to do that.

On Arrington's frustration level: I think in a good way he's frustrated because he aspires for so much personally. He wants to play every snap. I think it kills him when he comes off on the dime team. I know it does. He doesn't openly complain about it, but he doesn't like it, and that's good. Does he want to make 10 tackles and three sacks every week? Sure he does. But those opportunities are not presenting themselves to him right now. To me he's frustrated, but it's a healthy frustration.

He's what I expected. But I definitely think his better playing days are ahead of him. He just needs to play. He has tons of talent. In no way, shape or form has he been a disappointment. We're not playing great defense overall.

Running backs coach Jerald Ingram

On the progress of Brandon Jacobs: Good. Good. The project is coming around. He's learning football. He's being a more versatile athlete. He can help us in the pass game. He's been involved in the two-minute offense. He's raring to go. We have no reservations on getting him into the game. We're trying to alternate him no matter what the situation is. I think he's more ready now than he's ever been. The quarterback has no reservations about him being out there. He's a solid pass protector and he knows what's going on. He did some things in Seattle that amazed us. He was able to figure out certain blitzes that they brought. We've told him the more he's able to do the more he's going to help our offense and he understands that. He's right there.

On Jacobs' confidence level: I think his confidence is more there now. The more he knows now the better he'll be. A year ago he didn't want to learn a lot of things. He just wanted the ball and to run it straight ahead. Now he's learned from Tiki and from the program and he realizes that he can learn more and that knowledge is power. He's a passionate player. He has that mentality. People love that physical play. He knows the only way for him to progress is to learn. He's in the inner circle right now. He really is. Compared to a year ago when he wasn't ready. We have a one-two punch that's as good as any out there right now.

Tight ends coach Mike Pope

On Jeremy Shockey's outburst: It's seeing your plans and the things you've dreamed about taking a right cross. There are no standing eight counts; we're not off our feet yet. But we have been staggered a couple times. Those things are all just magnified. He's a highly spirited guy. He's a wired guy. We certainly don't want to do anything to change that. Be he sees the long-range effects those type of actions can have on an organization and he's remorseful. He wishes he hadn't done it. The ankle has contributed also. It's been very painful.

On what he said to Shockey: I talked to him after the game and we had a long chat (the next day). (I told him) if they (Mr. Mara and Mr. Tisch) were here they'd be very disappointed that we were saying that type of thing. It was just he and I conversing. I know how much respect he had for them. Those are the kind of things you need to keep in mind. It isn't just this coaching staff or us as coaches. It's this whole franchise and what this thing stands for. I do not ever think that his motives are less than honorable. As he continues to progress in this profession, how he expresses those motives can be better directed. You like the racehorse part, you like the energy, you like the adrenalin. It's not always easy to walk across the sideline and change everything with a click of the fingers.

Secondary/cornerbacks coach Peter Giunta

On the secondary's play thus far: I think it's just a little disappointing. Not discouraging, but just disappointing. I thought we'd be a little further along than we are right now. There are things that are very correctable and we've worked hard the last couple of weeks to correct some problems. We have more problems to correct. We addressed those on Monday. I have to do a better job of coaching them and getting them all on the same page. That's my responsibility. We'll do that and we'll be better next week.

On DBs routinely getting caught out of position: There were a couple of those, granted, in Seattle. But there have been other times we've had our chances to make plays on the ball and if you make the plays on the ball – we had three of them against Indianapolis, we had – how many? – a couple against Philadelphia, and we had a couple against Seattle. If you make the plays on those, some of those other things are going to go correctly. We work hard to get them to catch the ball every day during practice – they're catching balls with the throwing machine after practice…We'll just continue to make every effort we can to get to catch the football. Who gets pass break-ups? Who gets interceptions? Who drops balls? We record it all and give it to them and tell the guys to make a play on every ball they can in practice.

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