Player Diary: Sam Madison

That Redskins game was for sure my best game so far. We didn't give up any big plays. I gave up one big play in the Indianapolis game on a post. The second week I slipped and gave up a touchdown. The third game, no one made any big plays.

We had a lot of opportunities to make plays. The good thing was that Corey (Webster) came right out and made a big play. But I didn't complement him. We didn't complement each other. That's the key thing – how well do we all complement each other when we're out there on the field? That's when we'll know that we're a very good football team.

But this fourth game, it was my strongest game and hopefully I can build off that. Hopefully all of us can build off each other. Everyone did some things well; everyone did some things poorly. But it didn't hurt us. That's what we have to focus on – not letting those two or three plays hurt us during a football game because it puts us behind every time.

Looking around the league a lot of teams are jelling right now. Why can't it be us? The ball hasn't bounced our way the majority of the time, but in that Redskins game it did. Hopefully we can build off that and continue to do it. For the most part, I think we're headed in the right direction. I've always stayed that course that we need to work each and every week to become what we want to become – that's being the best secondary in the league. We have a lot of work to do because we have a big ditch to dig out of, a hole that we put ourselves in.

I feel very comfortable in this defense. I picked it up extremely fast. I know where I'm supposed to be. I know where other guys are supposed to be. Now we just have to go out and make plays. Coach (Lewis) has been making some great calls. We just haven't been running them successfully. It's always at least one person out of position and those plays add up. That's how we've been falling behind so often. If you're out there for 80 plays and you come up with 15 mental errors and those 15 mental errors lead to big plays, that's a big problem. Everyone needs to know their own assignments and I think everybody's been doing a better job of focusing on that. We were able to do that against the Redskins.

When I was in Miami we had some good things happen to us and there was a snowball effect. Hopefully that will happen here. But it's going to take all three phases of our team working together to get better.

I know everybody's looking for interceptions from the cornerbacks and that's understandable. But when you're not even allowing your guy to catch the ball, or you're coming up and making key tackles or you're relaying formations, that's also good. It's kind of like everybody's the quarterback back there, but we're at the back end and the last line of defense.

It's fun being a corner because you're basically mano y mano the majority of the time. Everyone's pretty much honed in on you. It's not like you're a left guard on a pass play and you have tons of guys around you in a little box. We have a lot of open space to cover.

I'm still looking for my first pick of the season, which is something you always want to happen as soon as possible. But if it doesn't happen you have to continue to play football. If you let it drive you crazy, you're going to have problems. You just have to stay focused and continue to play hard and they'll eventually come.

Finally, I have to admit that I love New York. I love this area. I heard lots of horror stories that people are rude and all that. But everyone's been supportive wherever I go. People are always nice here, so it's been a lot of fun.

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