Tiki's News Not News At All

While Tiki Barber's comments about retirement to the New York Times might have made national headlines, anyone that's been around the team recently and is even remotely surprised hasn't exactly been paying too close attention.

"I've been leaning towards this decision for a while and to those who know me, it's nothing new that I want to go out on my own terms," Barber told TGI Wednesday afternoon. "I have a great challenge in front of me with the Giants this year as we strive for the Super Bowl; however, I know I have other great opportunities and challenges off the gridiron that I am looking forward to."

Barber told TGI during training camp that he was likely to hang it up after this season and he's been quoted in several local publications saying the exact same thing: that he was very possibly going to hang up the cleats after this season.

While he has yet to alert anyone in the Giants organization and did stop short of saying he was definitely going to retire after the season, it's obvious that Barber is through after this season.

A Barber spokesman, who's been expecting this announcement for some time now, confirmed that "this is it" for Barber.

"I've been considering it for a few years now," Barber said on a conference call with Dallas reporters. "It comes a point where your body just doesn't want to take it any more, you see other opportunities out there. I'm excited about the rest of my life as well as I am about this football season. So we'll see what happens."

Pressed further, Barber said, "I don't think there are any definites in life. It's too early in the year to say it for sure. But I'm leaning toward it, for sure."

It's possible that Barber is just drumming up interest among his possible suitors for the next stage of his career, likely television work, and there's even an outside chance that Barber is hoping to be tempted by a huge raise to continue his career. However, Barber is the rare type of athlete that doesn't need football as much as football needs him. That's why this news isn't the least bit surprising…

Another non-surprising Giants-related note is that the No Fun League is looking into fining members of the Giants defense for their recent ‘jumpshot' celebrations after big defensive plays.

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