The Final 53 – Who's in and who's out - Part 2

The Final 53 – Who's in and out on New York's roster? In Part 2 we look at the defense

DL – Fassel may be pushed into considering keeping nine players here as well, even though he normally doesn't like to keep more than eight. His starting front four could be a dominating unit this year, with Michael Strahan, Cornelius Griffin, Keith Hamilton and Kenny Holmes left to right. At end, Cedric Scott, last year's fourth-round pick, hasn't progressed nearly well enough, but we don't think the Giants are ready to send him packing just yet. Frank Ferrara stays but Nick Myers, who is trying to fight his way onto the roster, will not. At reserve tackle, Lance Legree is safe, but rookie Matt Mitrione is pushing Ross Kolodziej out of the picture.
Total DL – 8: Strahan, Griffin, Hamilton, Holmes, Scott, Ferrara, Legree, Mitrione

LBs – The starters are set, as are their immediate backups, the three draft picks, mostly due to their special teams ability. The biggest LB question of camp is whether Kevin Lewis can sneak his way onto the roster as well. He's looked really good so far, but the numbers are working against him.
Total LBs – 6: Micheal Barrow, Brandon Short, Dhani Jones, Wes Mallard, Nick Greisen, Quincy Monk

DBs – If Jason Sehorn is healthy enough to go, the top four corners, including the two Wills and Ralph Brown, are set. With the emergence of Clarence LeBlanc, so are the top four safeties. But Big Blue usually likes to keep a fifth corner. If it's someone currently in camp, the likely player would be Calvin Coleman, who has looked better than David Mitchell or Kendrick Llorens. But look for Fassel to gamble and only hold onto four corners.
Total DBs – 8: Sehorn, Allen, Peterson, Brown, Shaun Williams, Omar Stoutmire, DeWayne Patmon, LeBlanc

STs – Despite a touch and go camp thus far, expect Rodney Williams to man New York's punting spot come opening night. K Owen Pochman has done well enough thus far. The key additions to the special teams units are LB Jody Littleton, who will handle the club's long-snapping, and TE Darnell Dinkins, who has established himself as New York's best special teams coverage man and blocker in only a couple weeks.
Total STs – 4: Williams, Pochman, Littleton, Dinkins

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