Tiki Captures Final Barber Bowl

If, as expected, this was the final meeting between the Pro Bowl Barber brothers, then Tiki walked away with the last laugh – not that he'd talk trash to his brother, mind you. Geraldine Barber raised her boys better than that, raised them to be humble and respectful.

That's why it wasn't the least bit surprising that Mrs. Barber stayed in the background as her two famous sons walked away from the Giants locker room together in front of numerous rolling cameras.

"I survived," she smiled. "Thankfully they both came out of there okay."

Who would've thought that the Barber Bowl would actually have more legs than the Manning Bowl? Yet, it sure seemed that way, what with all the excitement Tiki's so-called retirement ‘announcement' stirred up. And the fact that, as a result, this would be the final meeting between the two.

"It is a little bit (gratifying) to win over him since he had the 3-1 advantage," said Tiki, who became the 21st NFL player to surpass 9,500 rushing yards. "It was important for our team to continue the streak that we started three weeks ago and that is most important. But I think on a personal level, it is nice to get a win over Ronde."

Ronde, who had 10 tackles, but didn't make any of the big plays that he's become known for, was asked about playing his twin brother for the final time.

"If it is, then good for him because he got back in the win column against us, but he is still down 3-2," he said. "If you give him some room, then he is tough to deal with in space. Tiki is really good and we all know that."

Tiki admitted during the game that he thought about the fact that this was likely the last game he'd ever play against his brother.

"It is in my head," he said. "I know I am always going to be a big supporter of my brother, whether I am playing against him or not. It was good to know I had a friend over there in a hostile environment."

The relationship of brothers goes well above and beyond that of just a typical friendship. It's a special bond that helped both brothers stay afloat early in their careers.

"It has been great because we went through our ups and downs together," Tiki said. "I wasn't very good early in my career and Ronde didn't even dress early in his career. We were able to talk, get unbiased advice and encourage each other. I am fortunate to have someone like him in the league."

Big, bad Brandon

The legend of Brandon Jacobs continues to grow – and deservedly so. Each week he shows more and more reasons why he's turned into basically an unstoppable running back – a beast, if you will.

"He's big, fast and strong," Antonio Pierce said. "The guy's complete right now. Everyone wants to test him and there have been many losses."

"He's bigger than me," Michael Strahan said. "You can tell guys don't want to hit him. And when they do, it doesn't matter. You have to go low on him and he knows that. You feel like when it's (a short-yardage situation), you got it."

Even Tom Coughlin has been impressed.

"He had some big runs there in the fourth quarter," he said. "He came in and ran it and had some power, and we were able to get something going there in the fourth quarter."

"I think teams are learning each week that the guy is definitely a force," Plaxico Burress said. "He gets the whole team fired up."

Jacobs, who finished with 41 yards and a 1-yard TD on only seven carries, suffered a hyper-extended knee late in the game, but said he'd be fine to play Sunday.

Jacobs said it's not so much about his actual size, but his attitude.

"Walter Payton ran like he was 7-foot, 450 pounds," Jacobs said. "He wasn't that big but he ran big."

It's becoming more and more obvious with each week that Jacobs is going to fill Barber's role with his own special kind of ability. There will never be another Tiki Barber, that's for sure. But Jacobs has already established that there's no one else like him in the entire league at this point.

Windy City East

Much credit for the victory must also go to Jeff Feagles, who navigated the tricky Giants Stadium winds superbly, and punt returner Chad Morton, who handled all four returnable punts that came his way.

Feagles downed two of his nine punts inside the Tampa 20 and averaged 37.3 yards per kick in winds that blew pretty consistently at 20 mph and gusted at much higher than that.

"He did an outstanding job all day," Coughlin said.

"That's where experience comes in," Feagles said. "It's certainly not the same type of game. Experience is a huge, huge factor in punting in Giants Stadium. The big advantage is that we get to practice here and they don't."

Same goes for the returners. Morton said the main reason he was able to handle his return chores so successfully was that on Friday he practiced catching punts and kickoffs in Giants Stadium, where the winds were whipping as strongly as they were on gameday.

While all the ink goes to Eli Manning for managing a turnover-free game, and well it should, let's not forget about Feagles, Morton and even longsnapper Ryan Kuehl, the unsung heroes in New York's fourth consecutive victory.

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