Q&A with the Coach

"He's practiced and played both ends. He brings his own style to the table. He's taller, more linear. He played the run well the other day, just as Osi has been able to do. He's just another talented guy who has had an opportunity and played well with it." - Tom Coughlin on Mathis Kiwanuka

Q: Do you expect any contribution from the newest linebacker, Chris Claiborne?

A: Hopefully. He'll have to get ready to go. He'll have to get ready to go – that's why he's here. He'll be involved in our special teams operation, he'll be involved from scrimmage. Chris is a smart guy, and he's played all of the positions. I think he's done a pretty good job over the time we've spent in the classroom with him, bringing him up to date. The terminology has not been a real difficult factor for him, so I'm hoping that he can grasp it and be in a position where he can make a contribution.

Q: What did the MRI say on Brandon Short?

A: He has a muscle injury.

Q: Just a sprain, not a tear?

A: (It's) just a muscle injury, that I know of.

Q: Justin Tuck was questionable last week and he's already listed as doubtful. Has he had a setback?

A: No. It's just one of those things where I'm looking at it saying realistically is he going to make it or not. There's been no set-back, though.

Q: Which side is Claiborne going to start on?

A: He'll be at WIL, to start with.

Q: What will you tell your players to prevent them from looking ahead to the Chicago game?

A: We don't think about that at all. This next game is the most important game of our schedule, OK? I don't even want to entertain questions about that. The next game is the most important game that we'll play, and that's against Houston. In case you haven't looked at it, that team has had 800 yards, 776 yards of offense in the last two games. They just held a team to 197 yards total offense. They beat a divisional rival at home badly, 24-7. They turned around and went to Tennessee, a game they thought they could win, and played very well and have every right to think that they could have, except that they made all kinds of errors. They turned the ball over, they made kicking game mistakes…So they're a talented football team. They are a talented football team who has…not only have they made a change in the coach, but they've also gone out and gotten players through free agency and through the draft who are contributing strongly to their team. They've always been a strong special teams outfit, and nothing has changed that way.

Q: What has Wali Lundy shown you as a rookie?

A: He had a nice game last week. He's shown the ability as of last week to break tackles, to stay on his feet. He has done a good job by design. He knows what's expected of him and he knows where he's headed. He stays with the run. They have three guys that have played a lot there, and he appears right now to be the starter.

Q: Curtis Martin appears to be done for the year and may possibly be retiring. What are your thoughts on his accomplishments?

A: Curtis Martin has been a tremendous pro. He's been an outstanding representative of whatever team he's been on – great character, great leadership, an outstanding person (and) a great football player. Anybody who has ever played against him knows full-well of what I'm speaking. I don't know that officially, and I'm certainly not going to comment ahead of anything like that. I don't want it to be interpreted (as that). I'm just answering a question.

Q: You're worked with Curtis Martin off the field with your charity and his. What have you learned about him as a person?

A: That's what I'm saying – He's a very serious guy. He's sincere, he's humble, he's a great example for young people (and) he has obviously put his arms around the charity that he represents, in terms of being able to speak from a personal standpoint about the loss of a parent. He's just…I've known Curtis more or less for a long time – when he was a collegian. He's just an outstanding young man and, as I said, an outstanding example for the youth. He has the ability to keep things in perspective and when he speaks, he speaks with respect about the opponent, about his teammates, about the game, about his organization. You don't have to be around him long to know that he's a quality individual that you're very, very proud to be associated with.

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