Player Diary: R.W. McQuarters

Getting my first start as a Giant was more of an opportunity than anything. This is my ninth year in the league and it felt good to be out there as a starting corner and to be in the mix on every snap. I definitely consider myself a starter. I fashion myself in many positions. I understand the game and I try to play the game like I learned it. I've always looked at myself as a starter.

I think I did well in that first start against Tampa, but there is always things that can be corrected. The main thing I look at as a corner is not giving up the big play. That's how I try to play the game. I make sure that I do my job and not try to do too much. I figure if I do my best then we have a chance to win.

It's a lot harder to play nickel than an outside corner spot. Things are shorter; guys are crossing my face. It's a little bit different game. Nickel is more difficult because you have so many people to account for. But I've been playing nickel and dime since I've been here so playing corner that game was a little different angle for me.

As a cornerback it's self-explanatory. You have this guy and you basically have to stay as deep as the deepest receiver. You're pretty much locked in on covering this guy and covering this part of the field.

As a corner you have the wide guy, the wide receiver, versus the nickel where the back, tight end or a receiver from the back side could threaten you. You just have to keep your eyes open and try to see the whole field. The nickel is basically the linebacker that you take out when you go to a sub defense. You basically have to be a faster linebacker, so to speak. A smaller linebacker, but a faster linebacker.

As a defensive back you always have to play the ball. It depends on the situation, like if it's a deep ball and nobody's behind you, you have to make sure that if you play the ball you secure the tackle too. Because if you miss the ball, you have to make sure you get the man.

I knew the Giants were seriously interested in me. Last year when they had a lot of injuries they called me. Then this offseason they called again so that let me know that they were actually interested in me. That's always good. Secondly, between the guys already here and how well they did last year, I just wanted to be here. I figured this would probably be a good situation for me. We're 5-2 right now and I just had my first start so it's all good. Winning is so much fun. I spent five years in Chicago and we had only one winning season there. It just feels good to win. I know it's early and we have nine games left, but at this point in my career I've been 2-5, 1-6 and even 0-7 so to start 5-2 and be leading the division is good.

After that Seattle game, I think we just started to play better football. We buckled down and said enough is enough. In the secondary you hate to give up passes so we just stopped that from happening. We just started to make plays. We started to get the ball out, get sacks, force fumbles, make interceptions, get pressure on the quarterback and have nice, tight coverage. We just started to play better and together as a defense.

Off the field, I'm a nice guy. I'm from Oklahoma. My rule of thumb is why be a jerk to somebody if they haven't been a jerk to you. I try to make sure that I stick to who I am. I don't look to be a jerk to anybody. I'm not the guy that walks in and says, ‘I play with the Giants.' I try to look at the big picture. The guy I just shook hands with could be the guy that saves my life. But if I were a jerk to that guy, then I'm dead. There's no reason to burn bridges with anybody. I just try to live life to the fullest and stay happy every day.

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