Eye on the Prize – Midseason Update: ST's

Before the season, TGI took an in-depth look at what it was going to take for Big Blue to reach the playoffs and contend for a title. Now that the season's halfway over – and with the big Bears showdown on the horizon – we're sizing up where the Giants are as the second half of the season unfolds. Here is a look at the special teams:

Special Teams

Looking back: Both Jay Feely and Jeff Feagles have contributed their usual solid play and the coverage units have done very well. The lone negative from New York's STs this season is a big one – Chad Morton has been unable to get on track this season. He's averaging only 6.6 yards per punt return and 21.6 yards on kickoffs. Those aren't terrible numbers by any stretch but based off what Morton did last season and this summer, we expected a lot more.

Looking ahead: You have to figure that Tom Coughlin and Mike Sweatman aren't going to sit idly by as Morton and the return units continue to struggle. R.W. McQuarters is certainly a viable option on punt returns and Michael Jennings could certainly handle kickoff returns, if given a chance. It's also a shame that Sinorice Moss, a dangerous return man in college, has been out basically all season.

Best sight: Jeff Feagles being Jeff Feagles against the Bucs. Feagles hasn't really been called on all that much during the season, but in a defensive battle in the gusting Giants Stadium winds, Feagles came through big-time.

Worst sights: Continually seeing Morton, often through no fault of his own, run right into a pile of unblocked tacklers. Also surprising has been how quiet Pro Bowler David Tyree has been. Of course, he's constantly the focus of the opponents, but only four tackles through seven weeks for Tyree is certainly well below his standards.

Eye opener: The excellent play of New York's reserve linebackers has been impressive. Not slowed by the fact that they rarely get defensive snaps, the trio of Reggie Torbor, Chase Blackburn and rookie Gerris Wilkinson has been extremely impressive thus far. Torbor, who's been unblockable and an emotional spark, leads the club with nine STs stops, while Blackburn (eight) and Wilkinson (five) have been solid as well.

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