Press Confernece: Jack Del Rio

Jack Del Rio addressed the media today. Here are some of the questions:

Q: Can you help us explain some of the games that a lot of people didn't think that you'd lose that you did lose, and the unevenness of the performances so far?

A: The unevenness of the performance…Well, I believe in preparing hard and playing hard.  You go out there and compete.  You get 16 opportunities and we've had nine to start the season so far and been successful in five of them.  It puts us in position to continue to play our best in meaningful games in the future and we'll continue to win enough, so that's what we're after.  We came up short against Houston two times in the last month or so.  A lot of people just assumed that those games were going to go a certain way and they didn't go the way they were assumed to, the way a lot of people assumed they would go.  As a result, there's these kinds of questions.  We've played some good football teams.  We've beat some good football teams, and we lost a couple of close ones.  I think what you do, what's most important right now for us is to go forward and maximize our ability to play at our best each and every Sunday going forward.

Q: What's your quarterback situation, particularly with Byron Leftwich now?

A: It's likely that Leftwich will remain our third quarterback.

Q: His ankle is not getting any better, or…?

A: No, we…It's a situation where rest is prescribed and we'll take another look in a week or two and hope that it's settled down enough and that he'd be able to contribute.

Q: How do you feel about David Garrard's play?  Those two games against Houston were obviously a lot different than the other two?

A: Well, David's played the last three games (and) we won two of them.  We had some opportunities in the ballgame last week to make it three in a row.  We feel good about David.  We think we can win with him.  This football team has won with him.  We just, as a football team, need to rally around the guys who are going.  We have a bunch of back-up players that are playing at various spots and we need to rally around the guys that are going and find a way to get it done.

Q: Fred Taylor has been around awhile.  He's logged a lot of carries and he's also had a lot of injuries in his career.  How much do you weigh ever putting too much on his shoulders at this point?

A: I think that one of the things we have attempted to do is to, over the last couple of years, add offensive weapons that would make us an explosive offense and not make us an explosive offense that relies solely on Fred Taylor.  We know he's a terrific player.  He's been a terrific player for a number of years here.  Coach Coughlin drafted him a long time ago and he's been playing great football for a long time.  We will continue to look to get other guys involved and the one constant has been Fred.  He's been very good this year.  We feel that the addition of Maurice Drew giving us a one-two punch in the backfield has been very valuable and so we feel good about that situation at running back. 

Q: How has Nick Greisen helped you?

A: Nick's been solid.  He's doing a great job for us.  Of course, he played there in New York.  He has experience.  He's played all three linebacker positions and he's a good, veteran player (who) comes in here and knows what it takes to be a pro.  He's done a nice job for us.

Q: What's been your impression of Brandon Jacobs on film?

A:  Big, strong back who has got some talent.

Q: Obviously this is a homecoming of sorts for Tom Coughlin.  He's talked about it and said it will probably be emotional, but he'll try to keep it in check.  How do you think that will affect the game in any, shape or form?

A: I think it just makes for a great storyline leading up to the game.  The return of the only other head coach that's ever led this team in this city.  You talk about a successful startup – he was the backbone of this organization in the very beginning (and) basically hired everybody that came in here and started this franchise.  It went on to become the most successful start-up of any franchise in the history of the league.  I'm sure there are a lot of emotions coming back for him and, as should be, I'm sure there are a lot of people here in town that appreciate all of the effort he did in getting this franchise started in such a first-class, first-rate way.

Q: When you follow a guy that, like you said, who built that franchise up from the ground, how did you handle that?

A: Well, the great thing about it is that Tom did a terrific job of instilling a strong work ethic and a strong fiber of discipline here in his team.  What we've done is sought to continue that and carry that on and continue that.  So the work ethic has remained strong.  The discipline has remained in place and it really is something that Tom started many years ago.  We've looked to build on the things that he started.

Q: How is your team physically for this game?

A: We've been banged up for awhile, I think, much like the Giants.  We've suffered more than our fair share of injuries.  It's a part of the game that can happen, and I think what's most important is how you plug in guys and rally around those that are playing.  We have a bunch of guys on the injury report again.  We're doing the best we can to get to the game as healthy as possible, ready to play. 

Q: Will Marcus Stroud be back, do you think?

A: Well, he's going to return to practice today for the first time in a long time.  We just have to see how he responds, how the week goes for him and kind of


Jacksonville TE Kyle Brady

November 16, 2006


Q: How do you think Tom Coughlin will be received by the fans in Jacksonville?

A: He returns here in the off-season, as you guys probably are familiar with.  (He) does things in this community charitably with his golf tournament and the Jay Fund Foundation that helps young people struggling with leukemia.  I think he's going to get a warm reception.  Maybe he doesn't think that or maybe he wonders, but I think he will get a warm reception because of all he did do for this community.  Jacksonville has embraced this team and he made it easy.  He and his staff and the players that were here with him, what they did those first eight years made it easy for this community to embrace them because of obviously a great amount of success -- probably really unprecedented success for an expansion franchise.  I don't know if the record they had in those years will ever be repeated by an expansion franchise.  So I think he'll certainly get a warm reception for those reasons.


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