Press Confernece: Tom Coughlin

Tom Coughlin addressed the media today. Here are some of the questions:

Q:  Are you getting any of your injured guys back today?
A:  Osi is going to take individual, and we'll see; we'll go from there.
A:  Short is going to run on the side.  He has always run on the side.  I think he can do individual, but we are kind of waiting for him to be able to really hit that other gear to do it.  But he is really – he is getting better; he has advanced.  And he runs on the side more because there is actually more that the trainers can do with him than even if he is in an individual drill where he is just taking the reps.  So he is advancing. 
Q:  Is it good news about Osi?
A:  It is.  It is good news.  It is good.  I'm not promising anything.  I'm just saying he is going to do his individual work and then we will see how reacts to that.  And then we will see how he is the next day. 
Q: How is Cofield today?
A:  Cofield is not going to practice.
Re: more on Osi
A:  Osi is going to take individual and then we will see where he is the next day.  There is nothing more I can say until I see him practice.  What am I going to tell you?  I can't tell you any more than that.
Q: I'm just trying to ask you how far…..
A:  I know what you are asking but I don't have the answer to that until I see the guy practice.  I appreciate the concern and I know where you are going and I feel the same way.  But I don't have the answer for you, other than what I just told you.  I told you everything I know.
Q:  Is Strahan getting closer?
A:  He is feeling better and he is moving along.  We're not putting him in individual yet. 
Q:  Any roster moves today?
A:  (shakes head in the negative)
Q:  Tennessee – obviously they have a new quarterback.  Are they getting better?
A:  Oh yes.  They are definitely improving.  Of course, the one that holds you back is the game in Jacksonville that was very one-sided.  But they are an improving football team.  And the thing that they are doing is when you study them and look at them, they are scoring all kind of different ways.  Of course they have the field goal, they have the run, they have the pass.  But they have scored with fumble recoveries.  They have scored with punt returns.  They have had two punts returns of late for touchdowns, one against Houston and one last week – a 90-yarder against Philadelphia with five missed tackles.  So what they are really doing is they are able to score in a lot of different ways and so it isn't just simply their offense trying to score.
Q:  Are the Titans a different team since Vince Young replaced Kerry Collins at quarterback?
A:  They are.  They utilize his talent in terms of his ability to get to the corner, to be the run-pass threat where he will pull the ball down.  They do run an option play much as Michael Vick ran in our preparation for that game.  He throws from the pocket, he throws play action.  He will throw on the move with his bootleg actions.  He is a big, strong, powerful athlete that has a very good arm. He is learning as he goes, as all young quarterbacks must do.  But obviously their decision to play him was one in which they were prepared for that.  And that is why I think it is important to recognize the way in which other areas are contributing. 
Q:  Are there similarities to the kind of things Garrard of Jacksonville did this past game to what Young is capable of doing?
A:  Oh yeah, definitely.  You have contain issues, no question.  And that is part of his style as well.
Q:  If Cofield can't go, is Seawright the guy?
A:  Well, we had seven defensive linemen active and we can maneuver around in there a little bit more now.  I would hope Cofield would practice tomorrow.  I have every reason to think he will.  It may be limited, but he will.  So we'll wait and see.  But yes, Jonas will get the majority of the work today.
Q:  How is Jonas doing?
A:  Jonas had some good snaps the other night against a team that had a big, good run blocking offensive line.  He did a good job; he hung in there. 
Q: Jonas told us in training camp that he had some character issues that were holding him back. Has he improved there?
A:  Well, you just want him to grow as an individual and as a young man.  I think he is doing that.  He has made good progress along those lines.
Q:  You mentioned yesterday that part of your challenge this week is to find ways to help Eli play better. Is it possible to do much in a short week? 
A:  You can do some things to maneuver because of the variety of menu that you have had over the course of the season.  We are putting all of our focus on getting Eli back on, what we call ‘on track' or back on pace.  And to be honest with you, we are very, very hard on him from the media standpoint and this may be a good solid learning and growing experience for him.  But he had some outstanding balls on the money in that second half the other night that very, very easily are converted to touchdowns to put our team on track.  Look at the number of dropped balls the other night.  It is not just Eli.  When you talk about nine dropped balls in a football game, you are not talking about a very good performance.  So I think it takes a lot of people getting their game back to where it should be.  And certainly the quarterback position is one of them, but it is not him alone.  And I would say that in order for us to see progress at that spot we are going to have to see progress in a lot of different ways.  We are going to have to run the ball better, we are going to have to catch the ball better.  We are going to advance the ball after the catch.  We are not going to be a constant turnover every time a guy gets his hands on the ball and the ball goes on the ground. That can't be the case, either.  Those things are things which do not help anyone, obviously.  Because if you are in a position where you are protected well, and I told you yesterday that I thought the protection was pretty good.  And we did have some time even for some deep balls.  And I think we have got to have production when we do have those kinds of opportunities.  So it not just one spot.  As always, it is a majority of people who have to play the game at a better level.
RE:  Tim Carter's fourth quarter fumble at Jacksonville and whether or not his play has taken a step back
A:  I don't think he expected someone coming from that side of him.  But nevertheless it happened and he wasn't in a good position for ball security.  I don't know about a step back but he certainly has to prove that he can catch the ball and put it away and cover it up.  You had an 80-yarder for a touchdown that was dropped.  You had a ball to Carter that was fumbled.  You had a ball at the end where Plaxico, at least, is illegal contact, which is a non-call.  There were some chances.  Not saying we would have had two chances to be down there, because we were eight points down.  But there was a good solid one and then prior to that was a chance for a big play.  So there is no excuse for anything.  That is over and done with.  I'm moving on. But the reason that I'm mentioning that stuff to you is that while we're all so concerned about how Eli plays, I think everybody around him has to play better, too.
Q:  How much of a consideration is Sinorice Moss this week?
A:  We'll see how he practices.  He has come along.  The normal circumstance has been that you have a couple of days (or practice) and then maybe there is a little discomfort and you have to kind of watch it.  But he pushed his way through one of those sessions last week, which is encouraging.  So we'll see.
Q:  Is Moss up to speed with the offense?
A:  He is in all of the meetings and he has been on the practice field.  He hasn't done a lot with the offense.  He has done more with the scout team.
Q: Have you ever played on the road on a Monday night and then had to turn around and go on the road again in a short week?
A:  Never.  I don't have any memory of that.  And I think it is really rare in the National Football League that a team travels Monday night and then travels the next weekend.  But that's the schedule.
Q:  I'm certain you take that as a compliment to your coaching staff by the league office, that you can handle those circumstances.
A:  I see you do that with tongue-in-cheek, as usual.  But thanks for the humor, I appreciate it.

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