Player Diary: LaVar Arrington

The biggest thing for me was to maintain my emotional strength and stability. I feel good in those areas. I'm still hungry. I haven't had the type of season probably in the last three or four years that I like to have. I'm just more focused on getting myself healthy and getting myself ready to go.

The biggest thing early in my recovery was wound care and I'm pretty much healed up now. They were able to rub on it and break up the scar tissue. All I do at home is strengthen it all day. I'm doing my part, staying off it and elevating it. I'm doing what I need to do and they said it's showing. I'd like to believe I'm ahead of schedule, but there's no reason to get too pressed into that because I can't play again this season anyway. My thought is to be ready for minicamp. If you do the six-month math, I'll be running by then. I don't know how much I'll do, but realistically I plan on being ready.

Of course I heard the rumors that I was done after I got hurt, but I don't concern myself with all that. The Giants knew what they were doing when they brought me here. I know what I'm capable of doing. It's a business so if something were to happen where I wasn't here, then that's a bridge I'd cross when I got there. But I don't get the impression that it's one and done. As far as me, I'm not even close to being done. Not yet. I have to have at least that one year where it shows who I am and what I'm capable of. I'm only 28; people forget how young I am. I'm not done.

This year, I knew it was coming. I hated that it took as long as it did. Learning the system, I had finally gotten comfortable in the system to make some plays. I knew it. I told my whole family to watch that (Dallas) game, because I knew it was going to be my coming-out game. The way things were going, it couldn't have been written any better. The tough start to the season, the stuff that happened the year before, I felt like this was it. But sometimes in God's plan, it seems like that's it, but it's not and it doesn't come until a little later. That's how I look at it. It's going to happen because I worked to make it happen. God helps those that try to help themselves.

I was sitting there watching the Jacksonville game and it finally hit me – I have to wait all the way until next year. The reality of it set in that I was out for the year.

At least now coming back all I have to focus on is getting healthy and getting stronger and in condition. Now when I come into training camp, it's not so much thinking; it's just coming in and getting ready to play. I've studied my body more over the course of this time because I'm not fighting any personal battles with management or ownership or coaches. I come in, we talk, I get my treatment and I go home. I'm at peace here. I can focus on the things I really need to focus on. It turns it into not such a bad situation. They give me the comfort of feeling like I'm still a part of this. They just want me to get healthy, get back and make some plays.

Health-wise, everything feels pretty good. I just need to heal up my heel. My knees were starting to feel pretty good. I just had a bum accident, a freak accident. I'm not out of sorts or anything. But if you have to endure an injury like this, I'm just glad I had the mental capacity to take it for what it's worth and use it as a positive. That's what I've done; I've had time to spend with my daughter and my wife. There are always a lot of positives that you can draw out of a negative.

The biggest thing is I just want to be able to get back and show these fans that it wasn't a bum deal bringing me in here. That's what I'm excited about. I know I still have it in me to do it. I just need the opportunity to get out there and show it.

I think it's best that I stay around here while I'm hurt. I'm a team guy. There are so many misconceptions about me and so many horrible things that have been said about me. I always feel like us in our line of work, people always try to find so many negative things to say about us. And those that they don't, those guys stay under the radar a lot. I guess because how I play on the field; people draw comparisons about who I am off how I play. And that's not accurate, that's not me. I like being around the guys, I like trying to keep guys up. I like trying to be someone that guys can feed off so I come. We're a team so I come. It's not about going to Florida or the Bahamas to rehab. I'm going to grind it out with them in the locker room.

With Thanksgiving having just passed, there are so many things I have to be thankful for. I'm most thankful that the people that I love and care about have their health. I'm thankful for just being here. I'm thankful for the position that the creator has put me in. People take only one day out of the year to recognize what they're thankful for. Every day I think about what I'm thankful for. I live that way. I love my family, I love my wife, I love my baby. There's always something to be thankful for.

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