Giant Rallying Cry

The Giants, as expected, made light of the media firestorm that came from the supposed Plaxico Burress/Michael Strahan feud.

As players came off the stadium field following their morning jog-thru, several were singing "We're Not Gonna Take It," an ‘80s hairband hit by Twisted Sister, while Grey Ruegamer laughed "the controversy continues" toward a bunch of reporters waiting to enter the Giants locker room.

"Everyone loves everyone around here," Brandon Jacobs said. "We're not a weak team. This team's on the same page. People outside of here think we're breaking down and we're not."

Jacobs added that the players don't care what the media says and thinks and disputed the perception that the club's ship is sinking.

"There is no perception," Shaun O'Hara added. "We're the players, we get to decide."

On Wednesday, a war of words through the media began when Burress was told of Strahan's comments on WFAN Monday evening, when Strahan basically said he was disappointed in Burress' efforts following Eli Manning's first interception, when he stopped his route short and make a half-hearted effort to bring down Tennessee's Pacman Jones.

"That's tough when a teammate comes out and says that about you," Burress said Wednesday. "I don't really get into criticizing teammates. I don't call out names. I don't really get into that."

"If you want to come in with a negative, you're coming to the wrong guy," Strahan answered Wednesday. "I don't kill my teammates. I'm a man. I talk to them. I don't attack my teammates. I don't do that."

However, by Thursday those tough words had more than blown over and the team had apparently turned its attention on battling the media, even more so than the Cowboys.

"My whole point to our team is not to let the media be a distraction," Tom Coughlin said after practice Thursday.

"It's definitely not as bad as it seems," Tiki Barber added. "What's bad is that we lost three games in a row.

"It's a rallying cry."

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