J. Carter: Not guilty

Giants WR <STRONG>Jonathan Carter </STRONG>was not supposed to be on the field in place of S <STRONG>Clarence LeBlanc</STRONG> late in Saturday's preseason game in Atlanta

as was previously reported on giantinsider.net. Carter was, indeed, on the sideline, but, according to the Giants public relations staff, his absence was due to Carter's participation in an offensive huddle called by Offensive Coordinator Sean Payton.

LeBlanc broke his leg on the unfortunate play, and will be placed on Injured Reserve in the next couple days. Both Jim Fassel and STs Coach Bruce Read stated that LeBlanc was supposed to be on the field for that play, and that rookie S Nate Coggins actually filled in for Carter.

That report differs greatly from what several players told The Giant Insider following Saturday's game. At that point, Carter had already boarded the team bus and was unavailable for comment.

Regardless, Carter's future with the team is in question. When contacted about trade possibilities, the Giants asked at least one AFC club if they'd have any interest in dealing for the inconsistent speedster, then told that team Carter might come available soon.

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