Collins takes the stage

Leadership. Poise. Grace under pressure. No fear. These are the traits a winning quarterback needs. These are the traits Kerry Collins put on display, but in this instance not on the football field.

 A lover of country music, Collins took a break from the routine of training camp by attending a Kenny Chesney concert at the Pepsi Arena in downtown Albany.  Collins and Chesney developed a friendship over the years, and Chesney was Collins' guest at Giants practice on Wednesday.  That night, Chesney returned the favor and actually asked Collins to come up on stage and sing.

 "That's a different ballgame, to go out there and actually have to sing,'' Collins said.  "Once I got over the initial shock of what I was going to do I was fairly confident I was going to do OK.''

 This was a solo performance, but Collins wanted some support, and teammates Dan Campbell, Jason Garrett, Jason Whittle, Chris Bober, Terry Wagner and Derek Dorris accompanied him on stage.  When it came time to sing the chorus to a song named "The Good Stuff,'' it was Collins who sang alone.

 "I've never seen him that nervous,'' Campbell said.

 In front of an announced crowd of 7,281, Collins belted out the tune.

 "I don't think I made a fool of myself,'' Collins said.

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