Fassel upset with Sehorn's progress

All summer, the Giants have waited for Jason Sehorn to show signs that he was ready to return from off-season knee surgery, and all summer, everyone has been patient as Sehorn slowly worked his way back into form. Apparently, that patience has it's limits.

 Jim Fassel, who maintained that Sehorn might play in the preseason game against the Jets, sure sounded upset and offered terse answers when asked why Sehorn was did not participate in practice, which took place in light rain.

 Fassel stated Sehorn was not supposed to practice and will not make his preseason debut this weekend, offering one word "No'' replies for all inquiries about his injured cornerback.  Clearly, Fassel was growing more and more  frustrated by the situation and perhaps by what he viewed as a lack of urgency in Sehorn to return.

 "I don't know what all the commotion's about,'' Sehorn said.  "What's the point in going out in the drizzle?  Did that look like a crisp practice?  Why beat it up on the day before a game practice?  So you just take it easy.''

 Asked about the final preseason game vs. the Ravens, Sehorn added "Will I be back for Baltimore?  Who knows? When I can play, I'll be happy to play, when it counts.''

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