Giants closeout camp

Friday, August 23


After a brief – we're talking 35 minutes – walk-through, the Giants bid adieu to their seventh training camp at the University at Albany. The main goal every year – staying healthy – was met. The Giants lost two players for the season who were assured of roster spots, safety Clarence LeBlanc (broken leg) and rookie tackle Jeff Hatch (back surgery). Both were slated to be reserves.

Summing up camp, Jim Fassel said, "I thought this team worked as hard and was as focused as any team we've had up here. I think we got a lot accomplished, I really do. I think it's been really good for us.''

Fassel added he "fully endorses'' returning for training camp for the final year of the contract at the University at Albany. "I've spent six months of my life in a room at the Holiday Inn Express and I expect to spend about a year of my life there,'' Fassel said.

Attendance during camp was 26,352, the third-highest in the Giants seven years.

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