Biggest fall: Kenny Holmes arrived at camp entrenched as a starter at defensive end. He departed camp blowing off members of the media who insinuated he was in danger of losing his starting job to Ferrara.

Offensive MVP: Kerry Collins. The leadership qualities are starting to emerge, as Collins enjoyed a fine camp throwing the ball and an even better camp in the way he comports himself on and off the field.

Defensive MVP: Micheal Barrow. Close your eyes and listen during any practice and you could hear Barrow shouting, whooping, exclaiming how great it was to be out there in the hot sun.

Best rookie: Of course, it's Jeremy Shockey, the new golden boy (except with the media). But watch out for linebacker Wes Mallard, who looked better than advertised.

Most surprising player: Rich Seubert. The new starting left guard showed spunk, a take-no-garbage attitude on the practice field and a pleasant, refreshing attitude off it. 

Best play: Watching Jesse Palmer hurl a 57-yard touchdown pass to Jonathan Carter. A vision of the future, perhaps? Probably not, but it was nice nonetheless.

Best fight: The few altercations on the field had nothing on the dining hall brawl between sheriff Brandon Short and outlaw Jeremy Shockey. Short got in the best blows. 

Biggest rise: Frank Ferrara arrived at camp with a legitimate shot to make the team. He departed camp with a decent shot to unseat Kenny Holmes for a starting defensive end spot.

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