Win and (almost) in

The Giants' playoff picture is becoming more and more clear, and it appears that a win Saturday night in Washington would likely get New York the NFC's sixth and final playoff seed. Here's exactly what needs to happen this weekend for Big Blue to extend its season.

NY Giants clinch a playoff berth:

1) NYG win + NYG clinch strength of victory tiebreaker over GB**

2) NYG win + GB loss or tie

3) NYG tie + GB loss or tie + STL loss or tie + ATL loss or tie + CAR loss or tie

4) GB loss + STL loss + ATL loss + CAR loss
**NY Giants clinch strength of victory tiebreaker over Green Bay if:

a) DET loses OR

b) MIN loses OR

c) any two of the following results occur: ARI loss, MIA loss, SF loss, CAR win, HOU win, TB win.
If NY Giants and Green Bay end up tied in strength of victory, then tie will be decided by best strength of schedule.

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