Carson Gives Tiki Ringing Endorsement

During Wednesday afternoon's taping of his weekly television segment, a thought popped into Hall-of-Famer Harry Carson's mind: Why not share his Super Bowl XXI ring with Tiki Barber, who's about to embark on his final Super Bowl run.

"I just want him to grasp this opportunity, because it's his last," Carson said. "I don't want him to leave the game with any regrets."

Carson expects Barber to show his teammates the cherished hardware sometime before Saturday night's showdown in DC, which will determine New York's postseason fate.

Carson added that he'd love the opportunity to speak to the Giants, but that head coach Tom Coughlin hasn't asked and that he doesn't think it's his place to offer.

"If he wanted, I could have 50 guys down there in Washington for support," Carson told TGI. "That's how we all are. We're a family."

Carson added that even if the Giants don't want the playoffs badly enough for themselves that they should "do it for Tiki."

Tough Harry

Carson questioned the fire and desire of the current crop of Giants, including quarterback Eli Manning.

"There's no fire, I don't see it in these players," Carson told TGI. "If you don't have a fire to play, a fire to win, then you really shouldn't even be playing."

He recalled two incidents last season when he imposed his will on current Giants. First, during the Denver game he saw Plaxico Burress come off the field injured. Carson, who was on the sideline, glared at Burress, who was seated on the bench, until the talented receiver checked himself back into the game. Burress and Carson laughed about the incident during the offseason, with Burress telling Carson that he was basically "scared" to stay out of that game.

During New York's playoff loss to Carolina, Nick Greisen, no stranger to being nicked up, came off the field. Carson came right into the bench area, which is not allowed, and got right in Greisen's ear.

"I told him that I'm here, Carl Banks is here, all the great linebackers are watching," Carson recalled. "You get your ass back in there. You can hurt tomorrow."

Tuck sighting

Justin Tuck was in New York's locker room on Wednesday. While he's still on crutches, he said that he was a "little ahead of schedule." Tuck, on injured reserve with a broken foot that limited him to only six games this season, said that he's going to get the screws out in two months and should be fully recovered for next season.

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