Tiki apologizes to Strahan

<P>RB <STRONG>Tiki Barber </STRONG>and DE <STRONG>Michael Strahan </STRONG>have buried the hatchet. During last Saturday's preseason contest with the Jets, both players spoke to CBS sideline reporter <STRONG>Jay Glazer </STRONG>at the same time and expressed their feelings to each another. </P>

"It is over," Barber said. "Michael and I are teammates. The only thing that matters is that we're winning football games. I look back in retrospect. The one thing I really feel bad about is that I made Michael look bad and I didn't mean to do that. I shouldn't have said anything; I got pulled into it. He knows that. We know we're just playing together right now."

Strahan responded. "Tiki and I had our talk, and everybody has so much fun with it," he laughed. "They all thought I was going to hurt the best offensive player we have on the team. You have to be out of your mind. No matter what anybody says or anybody does it's not going to do anything as far as my contract situation in the first place. I think that I respect Tiki for what he does and he respects me for what I do. We just want this team to win. So we realized that in order for that to happen we have to make sure we get along and we do whatever it's going to take."

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