Fassel on his players...

Fassel shed a little light on the current situation with his kicking specialists, and on his numerous walking wounded.

Injury update

Fassel on his numerous walking wounded. "Kerry Collins [had] an MRI, but it is his left shoulder and I don't think there is anything serious about it. He fell down on it, but I think we're fine."

"With Tiki Barber, it's a hamstring strain. Talking to Tiki, the doctors and Ronnie [Barnes, the team trainer], bottom line question is will he be able to practice during the week and play against the 49ers? The answer to that question is yes." MLB Mike Barrow and TEs Jeremy Shockey and Dan Campbell were all very close to returning to action.

Ready for opening night?

Fassel was asked whom he was worried wasn't going to be able to play in the season opener.

"There are a couple of guys on the bubble right now," Fassel said. "You have [Jason] Sehorn and you have [Dusty] Zeigler. Zeigler is further removed. I think Jason can be ready for that. We talked to him and he seemed very confident that he would be. And I think we need him to be back.

Other than that, I have two young receivers who I think can help us. [Tim] Carter is a receiver and on special teams and Daryl Jones I have as a return man and he can also play receiver. I think that both of them will be ready for the game physically, but how much prepared they are because of the amount of time can concern me. So, I have already put Tiki [Barber] and Amani [Toomer] on alert that I want them to catch a lot of punts. Daryl catches the ball real well, and I could change my mind, but if he doesn't get work and time, I doubt I'm going to put a rookie back there who has missed a lot of time."

Kickin' around

Fassel shed a little light on the current situation with his kicking specialists. Regarding K Owen Pochman, who has swelling on his kicking knee, Fassel said that the club would be looking to sign someone "just in case." However, he added, "If he has no problem with his knee, I am not going to bring anybody in."

The news was not so positive on P Rodney Williams. When asked if Williams clinched the starting job, Fassel said, "That will still be determined."

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