The Woman Behind the GM

Gwen Reese was kind enough to grant TGI an exclusive interview the day her husband, Jerry, was named New York's general manager. Here's what she had to say:

Q: How was he right before he found out?

A: He was not nervous, actually. He was very happy the whole process was over. We were reading the papers like everybody else and people were congratulating us. But we said, ‘there's one problem; we don't have the job yet.' He was excited and very happy that it's over. We do count this opportunity as a blessing. We're a very spiritual family and we're very thankful. We've gotten a lot of support from friends and family so we're very excited.

We've been looking forward to this day. It means a lot to us. When the day finally came, we thought we'd be ready and just say ‘ok, it finally happened.' But we were crying and it was a totally different response and not what we expected.

Q: How tough was it when you hear they're bringing in other candidates to interview?

A: We realized they'd bring other people in. And of course, the more they bring in you think his chances weren't as good. Of course we considered that, but we just kept praying and hoping that things worked out. Everything we read was that this was (Scott) Pioli's dream job so it seemed like there was no doubt that he'd get it. When he said he wasn't interested, we were like, ‘Thank you God.'

Q: Why is Jerry going to be a good GM?

A: He's going to be a great GM because he's a great GM in his household already. He's worked really hard at everything he's done – from college coaching to when he joined the Giants. He's really been a very hard worker, a diligent worker, so I'm sure he'll do a great job.

Q: Is Jerry going to be able to handle all the criticism that comes with sitting in that chair?

A: I think he will be able to. He can stand up pretty good. He's definitely not Mr. Nice Guy all the time. I think he'll be able to handle it. I think he'll be OK with it. Absolutely.

Q: What do you think he's learned from Ernie during his time here?

A: Ernie's been a very close friend of Jerry and has always been very supportive of him. Jerry's been very loyal to Ernie over the years. I just think he's learned a lot about scouting and running the draft. He's gotten a lot of tips from him and learned a lot from Ernie. That friendship is very important to Jerry.

Q: What's something we don't know about Jerry?

A: (Laughs) His favorite beverage is grape Kool-Aid. His family would appreciate that because they know; you have to get that in there.

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