Whitfield Hangs It Up

After a 15-year career, veteran tackle Bob Whitfield has decided to call it quits, apparently after the suggestion was made to him by New York on Monday.

Here are some of the highlights from Whitfield's interview on Sirius NFL Radio on Monday evening.

-- Said he got a call and when he saw on his cell who it was from he knew what it was probably about. And he decided he was retiring.

-- Feels the Giants are "cleaning house of older veterans" and will "get a nice young team out of it."

-- He said the locker room atmosphere was divisive this season and this is a way to get mainly young guys in there that will be supportive of the coach. Said Luke Petitgout was not one of the divisive guys though. Made a reference to Tiki Barber calling out Coughlin as an example of some vets contributing to that atmosphere.

-- Said David Diehl will be the starting LT on opening day. "He's a beast" he said. He gave him a big endorsement, really likes him.

-- Thinks free agent Shaun O'Hara will get some big offers and will leave.

-- Said he loves LaVar Arrington, but said LaVar would understand him saying that he was "damaged goods" and Whitfield speculated "he might be done with football."

-- Was very supportive of Tom Coughlin and said the team doesn't need a new head coach, he's got the ship going the right direction.

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