Fassel Q& A

When head coach <b>Jim Fassel</b> finally addressed the media yesterday, he clued us into the players lack of focus

Q: Is it fair to say that you needed a little bit of a cooling off period afterpractice today?
A: That's fair. I was upset.

Q: What were you upset about?
A: There were just some things going on. This team has practiced very hard and they paid attention. I didn't think they had that kind of focus today and I let them know it.

Q: Are you puzzled why, 48 hours before the game, the players have this attitude?
A: No. I have been doing this a long time. One of the veterans came up to me and said, 'you were right on. You had every reason to be upset. You make your point and we'll react to it.' Because they know me. When I am mad, I am mad. When I am pleased for them, I am pleased for them. But I wasn't today.

Q: Are you ready to play football on Thursday?
A: Yes. We'll be ready.

Q: Did you tell the players on the field that you were upset or did you tell them in the locker room?
A: During practice I called them on it. I didn't say much to them after practice.

Q: Does tomorrow remain a walk-through?
A: Yes. It's a jog-through, it's a walk-through. We are in the same routine. We won't change a thing.

Q: Do you recall ever having to do that before?
A: Yes. I have done it plenty of times. I have never walked out on you guys, but you are not excluded either. I was not in the mood to talk. I was on the treadmill before most of you got off of the practice field. I was on there six or seven minutes and then I remembered that we had a kick return out there, so I got off the treadmill and went back outside.

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