Toomer's takes

There is plenty of football left to play, hopefully we can clean it up for next week. We aren't going to lay down for anybody, as you can see, in the last drive we continued to try to win.

Amani Toomer: We have to take the good like the last drive of the game which was a good point for us. It was a game where we didn't get the ball last and that's how it sometimes turns out in the NFL

It was a guessing game between Coach Payton and their defensive coordinator. We won a lot because if you look at the amount of yards we had along with first downs and third down conversion. We had to put the ball in the end zone, redone, which has been a problem we have had in the past few years. Which we plan to work on.

We moved the ball last year pretty good. It doesn't put the points on the board to give our defense a little bit of rest. I think they played great but they were on the field to long in the third quarter. We could have helped them out a little bit more.

Every receiver in the league is a competitor, and when you see a guy that is suppose to be the best you what to show him what you can do.

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