Strahan's Strategy

Strahan must bring his "A game" to disrupt Rams QB Kurt Warner. In their 2001 match-up, the Giants knocked out Marshall Faulk in the third quarter, did not allow Warner a touchdown pass and forced four second-half turnovers. But the Giants could not put W the board and they fell a point short losing 15-14.

Can Defensive End Michael Strahan repeat his awesome performance against Kurt Warner and the Rams?

The Giants sure hope he can, because Strahan was one man wrecking crew in their 2001 match-up, blowing by right tackle Ryan Tucker for four sacks and forcing a fumble. Overall the Giants sacked Warner 6 times.

Tucker is no longer with the Rams, but their right tackle is still shaky with third-year man John St. Clair.

Note to St. Clair, you will need help against Strahan.

In Warner's post game press conference he said of the Giants defense "... entirely too much Strahan", and that's part of the formula Big Blue will need again if they are going to leave the Rams at 0-2 on Sunday.

In a special to, analyst and former Cowboys QB Troy Aikman wrote:

    Everyone seemed to think the Giants set the blueprint as far as how to play St. Louis. They were successful by being physical. The Patriots were able to do a lot of the same things [in Super Bowl XXXVI] and the Broncos did it again last weekend. I think every team will try to take that tactic, it's just that there are few teams that can do it.

Rams coach Mike Martz talk about the keys to Sunday's game in a recent conference call. "Obviously he is the best pass rusher and probably the best defensive end overall in the league today," Martz said. "So we have to account for him. And how well we account for him will dictate how much success we will have."

Strahan knows the Giants are expecting a big game from him. He's preparing his attack on the Rams third year tackle watching what little film is available on him.

Strahan said "... the biggest thing is I have to play my game, let him adapt to my style."

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