Underdogs by 12.5?

Ranting Ediorial - The oddsmakers have the Giants at 12.5 point underdogs for the Sunday matchup with the Rams. That's pretty bold considering the Giants played the Rams to within one point last season.

As we close in on another NFL weekend, I trail over to the Sports Betting Guide section of the New York Post for what I call "The respect report".

As most of you know, the bettors guide online tells you the point spead (line) on each game. Which team is favored, and by how much.

I generally look for things that stand out like a sore thumb, and this week, the Giants game hopped out at me pretty clearly.

The NFC Champion St. Louis Rams, are 12.5 point favorites over the New York Giants. Talk about not getting any respect.

In the Giants-Rams 2001 match-up, which was also on the road in St. Louis, the Giants knocked out Marshall Faulk in the third quarter, did not allow Warner a touchdown pass and forced four second-half turnovers.

In that game, the Giants fell a point short losing 15-14. A point. A single point. That would be ONE.

If you ask me (and you didn't) that's disrespect to a team which played the Rams so close in their prior match-up. Both teams 0-1-0 at this point. Both coming off tough losses. Neither wanting to be 0-2.

In their last match-up the Giants had more total net yards (332 to 315) and won the turnover battle forcing three fumbles (all recovered by Big Blue) and picked off Warner once.

I also recall the Giants being bludgeoned by the officials, and Fassel saying in his post-game press conference that he was't a rich man, and therefore would not comment on the officiating. That's not likely to happen again.

Are the oddsmakers overreacting to the Giants poor rushing performance of week 1? Probably. But they still held the SF 49ers to a measly 16 points. And that's good defense, exactly what is needed to combat the Rams.

The Giants defense should be faster this season, perhaps a little less experienced in the secondary, but faster.

In summary, the Mistress of the Meadowlands says 12.5 points is still a slap in the face. Here's hoping Michael Strahan and company deliver one right back to the pompous coach Mike Martz and his band of merry "finess" men.

(This editorial is not syndicated and is intended for BBWC.com readers who are as optimistic as your web mistress)

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