Ross: Giants Won Poker Game

Texas cornerback Aaron Ross was thrilled - but surprised - to be selected by the Giants in the first round. Here's what Ross had to say during his first conference call with the New York media.

How does it feel to be selected by the Giants in the first round?

It is wonderful.  I was outside playing catch with my little nephew and my mom called me because I guess they had my name at the bottom of the screen as a projection.  I went in and got the call and immediately my hands started shaking, my heard started pounding, but I am full of excitement right now.  I really don't know how to explain it.   

Did you know how seriously the Giants were looking at you?

Not at all.  Honestly they did not show me any answers.  I did not go in to visit with the Giants and they did not call me like other teams.  So if it was a poker game, they won.   

What can you do to help this team as a rookie? I compete.  I am a competitor.  I compete in everything I do.  With that value I'd never change myself.  I am a driven player, a driven person, and I am very personable.  I can get along with the team and figure I can fit in with the team pretty easily.   

Do you think you'll be able to step in right away and compete for a job here?

Yes.  I have to say that I am a competitor so I am not coming there to sit on the bench.  I am coming there to battle for a position, but of course respect the veteran players and get under some of the veteran's wings to learn the plays and to learn the systems.  It is a job; you have to compete for a starting position.  I am going to get under the players, let them teach me, learn from them, and see what happens.   

How much press coverage did you play in college? 

We played quite a bit my freshman, sophomore, and junior years.  This past year we played a lot of quarters due to injuries in the secondary.   

Is playing press coverage a strength of yours?

Yes.  I feel like that is my strength to get down there and lock up on a guy.  That is something I did in high school and like I said in my first three years of college.  I really love to man up on guys and take them out of the game.   

What do you think the toughest adjustment will be at the NFL level?

I think being star struck.  Facing T.O.  Facing Chad Johnson.  Making myself realize that they are not on a video game anymore or on Sunday Night Football.  I am up against them on the other side.  Once I get over that I feel like I will be straight.   

Who did you talk to when the Giants called?

I am not sure.  

What did they tell you about how they saw you fitting in?

They said they liked me a lot.  They did not really get into details.  They just said they really liked me as a player and as a person and that you are a Giant.  That is when I heard my name called and they were calling me back to get on conference calls.   

You are a little older than the average rookie; do you think that is an advantage?

Yes.  It has made me mature a lot faster.  I had to sit out for two years.  Those two years were really good for me.  I had a chance to be with my mom, to be with my pastor, and everyone.  It kept my mind right.   

Where did you think you were going to go in the draft? The whole projection I kept hearing was between 17 and 27 so I am excited I went at 20.  I thought I was going to be at least 26 or 27.   

What kept you out two years?

Transfer issues.  I went to two high schools and one of the schools did not have one of my grades on the transcript and it was mixed up for two years.  It cost me two years.   

Do you like returning punts?

Yes, I love returning punts, I love doing that.  Especially since I have an offensive mind, that is my way to play a little bit of offense.

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