Aaron Who? Ross' Girl the Real Star

So you think Aaron Ross is a big deal? Sure being the top pick of the New York Football Giants will get you plenty of attention. But that pales mightily in comparison to Ross' girlfriend, Sanya Richards, who is known quite simply these days as one of the fastest women in the world. Not a bad gig, if you can get it.

Richards is currently the United States record holder in the 400 meters and was named the 2006 Female World Athlete of the Year in track. She's already being mentioned in the same breath as track superstar Marion Jones.

"That's really a compliment to me," Ross told TGI about his much-higher profile gal. "There are not too many guys that can say their girl won a gold medal. She's number one in the 200 and the 400 so that's a compliment to me."

Richards won a gold medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics, running the third leg for the United States' 1,600-meter relay team, and she finished sixth in the 400. After turning pro, she was undefeated last year in the 400 outdoors.

One of the world's most athletic couples has been dating for four years, since Ross was a freshman at Texas.

"I think we chased each other," Ross said. "I met her the year before I got to UT. She was on the track team and I saw her running. I really didn't notice how good she ran; I noticed how good she looked. I said once I got up there, I was going to go after her. But the tables turned because she saw me before I had a chance to go after her. She came after me and it was like heaven ever since."

Richards, one of the game's most recognizable faces, enjoys modeling and has already been approached regarding a reality TV series with her and Ross. However, she's mostly looking forward to the next Olympic Games. She hopes to make the American 400 relay team in Beijing in 2008, as well as the 1,600 relay. If no conflicts arise, she's even expressed interest in running the 200.

The biggest impression Richards made on the game of football came when she shared some running tips with her sweetie. Her insight on arm movement, as well as digging into the track surface helped Ross record times of 4.45 and 4.47 at the combine.

"I showed some of the guys what I had learned from my 40," he said. "I think it cut some time. I was thinking about it while I was running."

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