Rookie Mini-camp Notebook

The Giants held a two day rookie mini-camp for rookies and un-drafted free agents. Did any of them catch the coaches' eyes?

Tall order

At 6-2, 190, Travonti Johnson is one rookie free agent that has caught some eyes. The lanky corner was around the ball a lot, making several plays during camp.

"He made a couple nice plays out there," GM Jerry Reese said.

"I think I'm doing very well," he said. "It's a different scheme than what I was used to at (Central Florida) but I just listen and learn. I'm very coach-able."

A quick look at Johnson and you immediately notice his long arms. All the better for knocking away and picking off passes, my dear.

"I'm a ball hawk," he said. "I've been that way my whole life. I have good feet and long arms, which helps a lot."

Unlike most un-drafted players, Johnson has benefited from knowing some of the veterans. He was a teammate of TE Darcy Johnson at Central Florida and grew up with receiver Sinorice Moss in Miami.

"I'm glad he has the opportunity to be here," Moss said. "He's a great athlete and with the opportunity he's been given, I'm very confident he'll make it. I sure hope to see it."

Moss said he and Johnson have been friends since they used to hang out in Scott Lake Park when they were only six or seven years old.

"He was very excited when he found out he was signed," Moss said. "I was real excited to see him. I'm real proud of him."

Like Moss, Johnson is hardly lacking in the ego department.

"I'm very confident I'll make the team," he said. "If you're not confident in yourself, they won't be."

Kickin' mad

John Huston has already dodged tryouts by veterans like Mike Vanderjagt, Paul Edinger and Billy Cundiff. Needless to say he was very much looking forward to rookie minicamp, his first opportunity to show off in front of everybody.

However, only five days prior to the start of camp, Huston felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, almost as if he were being stabbed. By the next morning he was diagnosed with appendicitis and was knocked out of the box for minicamp. Although he was on hand for the workouts, he was unable to kick.

"It's a real bummer," Huston said. "Until now all I've done is kick for my position coach (Tom Quinn) and watch film. This was going to be my chance to show what I can do in front of Jerry Reese."

Huston will probably need a few more weeks before he can resume his usual kicking regimen.

"It's just some bad luck," he said. "I guess it's better to have it now than in the middle of the season. But I would rather have had it when I was 6."

Quite a class

At the end of the two-day rookie minicamp, Coughlin expressed pleasure with his 2007 draft class – and even a free agent or two.

"Some of these kids have been very, very noticeable," he said. "I think you would have to say (Ahmad) Bradshaw did a nice job. I thought some of the defensive linemen flashed. Certainly (Steve) Smith has been solid; (Aaron) Ross has been solid. You see the contribution over and over that (Zak) DeOssie can make. (Kevin) Boss … you saw him the other day. And I like what the (Jason) Mitchell kid has done, the other tight end (Michael Matthews) we have in here, too. So I think as you go down, Michael Johnson, who I watched in the weight room, a guy with great explosion. I think that can be converted into some solid things. (Adam) Koets has moved around well, showing that he has athleticism. It's difficult to assess sometimes the bigger guys, because they don't have pads on. But you do get a feel for them athletically."

Coughlin talk

Coughlin also shared his thoughts on a few other topics.

He was very excited about the offseason workout program. According to the coach, the Giants averaged 62 players the week of the draft and had an all-time high of 65 players on one occasion…

Coughlin mentioned both CB Gerrick McPhearson and TE Darcy Johnson as players that have made significant strides since last season….

According to Coughlin, only fourth-round pick Zak DeOssie had to return to school for finals. The rest of the draft picks were able to stay in New Jersey for the OTAs.

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