TGI's Take: The Draft

No question have I been asked more since the final weekend of April than ‘what did you think of the draft?' From good buddy Chris McWilliams, who only asked about 613 times, to my Mom's neighbor, who I speak to, on average, only once every three years, all questions directed to yours truly were basically the same.

So, since Chris is probably about to kill me because I haven't responded to any of his emails about his aforementioned query, let's go round-by-round and I'll tell everyone just exactly what I thought of the draft.

Aaron Ross – While the common perception was that Big Blue's biggest need heading into the 2007 Draft was at linebacker, it's impossible to dismiss the impact that Ross could have on New York's beleaguered secondary. With linebackers Paul Posluszny and Jon Beason staring them in the face, the Giants elected to go cornerback. And it looks to be a very smart move.

It's no secret that New York's secondary has been a trouble spot – enough so that Jerry Reese attempted to trade up for both Darrelle Revis and Leon Hall. With an aging Sam Madison and still unproven Corey Webster starting at CB, it should only be a matter of time until Ross breaks into the Giants starting defensive lineup.

The fact that Ross can also return punts well is only a bonus, as that was another big-time sore spot for New York last season. While this pick might not be the flashiest – or what most fans and media were expecting – it sure seems like the Jerry Reese era got off to a strong start.

Steve Smith – In their endless search for playmakers on both sides of the ball, the Giants surely added one here. Smith comes from a big-time college offense and showed right off the bat in rookie minicamp that he can catch anything and everything that comes near him. While some were still clamoring for an LB or OT, it's almost impossible to argue with this pick. Many believe that when all's said and done Smith will turn out to be a better player than his higher-profile teammate, Dwayne Jarrett.

After looking long and hard, we found one knock on Smith: There's absolutely no way he's anywhere near the 5-11 the Giants list him at. But with that said, TGI fully expects him to be turn out to be a good one, just a few inches shorter than advertised.

Jay Alford – Now, I know I have to be careful here, with everyone thinking I'm going to gush over the Penn State kid and all. But there's a lot to be excited about with Alford. He's instantly the best effort player on the D-line this side of Michael Strahan and if Barry Cofield, who was nowhere near as productive in the same Big 10 Conference, can pull off Rookie of the Year honors, there's no reason that Alford can't. One thing you could always count on from Alford in college was that if he was within a step or two of the QB, he almost always got to him in time and brought him down.

Zak DeOssie – One look at DeOssie and you see a flat-out football player. Whether he has enough skills to make the jump from the Ivy League to the National Football League remains to be seen. But a guy his size that hits as hard as he does has to garner a little excitement. Plus, with Rodney Young currently running Wendy's franchises down south and Tim Hasselbeck not exactly on firm footing these days, the Giants are due to finally hit on one of their father/son tandems.

Kevin Boss – Two days at minicamp were enough to prove that Boss can catch. He's got great hands, is an enormous target and is very smooth in and out of his routes. But can he bulk up and lower the shoulder a little? The answer to that question will go a long way toward determining if this was a steal or a later-round gamble gone awry.

Adam Koets – Despite his great personality, Koets just doesn't look big enough. I know he's listed at 6-5, 300, but he sure doesn't seem it. Being athletic is half the battle at LT, so he could surprise us. But this one is probably going to go the way of Toby Myles.

Michael Johnson – Honestly don't have a strong feeling about Johnson one way or the other, but he's got great size and seemed to be in all the right places during minicamp.

Ahmad Bradshaw – I think way too much has already been made of Bradshaw's legal issues. It's safe to say that countless professional athletes have done worse than him and are still collecting rather large paychecks. Can we please just wait and see if the kid can play? After the very early reviews, it sure looks like there might be a little something to him.

Reese's take

As much as I enjoy sharing my opinion with you, I'd be remiss if I didn't offer you some insight into the thought process of a real expert. While stuck in North Jersey traffic, Jerry Reese was kind enough to fire off from his Blackberry to TGI some idle thoughts about his draft class. Here are the notes Reese shared regarding most of his drafted players:

Smith – QB-friendly, complete player, can run after catch and block for the run

Alford – Quick, hot motor, get to passer, same guy everyday, you win a lot of games with this type player on your team, also can be your full-time snapper

DeOssie – Big, athletic, smart, tough, should be top core special-teamer, also can be your full-time snapper, will need to adjust to the speed this level

Boss – Receiving skills will take pressure off Shockey, needs to get stronger as blocker

Johnson – Size and range, has tools to be a factor

Bradshaw – True run instincts and vision, will battle for job, good receiver out of backfield, has something to prove and will be fun to watch through camp

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