Reese Getting Mostly Positive Reviews

Movin' and Shakin' – While the Giants may have sat tight and used all eight of their selections in their original locations, it certainly wasn't for a lack of trying. Yes, it did seem like all other 31 NFL clubs made deals during draft weekend except for Big Blue, but, believe it or not, that actually wasn't the case.

Jerry Reese first tried to move up to get Pitt corner Darrelle Revis when he fell to the 10th spot. In addition to the Giants, New England and Jacksonville also contacted Houston about switching spots. However, the Texans weren't moving because they desperately wanted Louisville DT Amobi Okoye.

Reese was unable/unwilling to trade with anyone in order to land Revis, who went 14th, or Leon Hall, who slipped to 18th.

But that certainly didn't mean that the trading attempts were finished. After selecting Aaron Ross in the first round, Reese tried to swap with a few clubs in order to obtain Arkansas OT Tony Ugoh, who eventually went to the Colts in the second round, 42nd overall. The Giants waited and chose Steve Smith 51st overall.

Speaking of Reese, you'd have to look real hard to find many Giants fans all that critical of his first official draft foray. No, he might not have made the big splash everyone was looking for in his GM draft debut, but he sure did collect a bunch of solid players that look like they're going to have a pretty good chance of making something of themselves in the league. Nice work, Jerry.

Who will be LT? With each passing day, it becomes more and more likely that David Diehl will take the first snap at left tackle on opening night in Dallas. However, it would be foolish to rule out New York making another move to strengthen its O-line. Just when you thought the Giants had totally lost out on all the free agent running backs, Reese pulled off a swap with Cleveland and landed Reuben Droughns.

Since the Giants and Browns have been good trade partners before, it wasn't all that surprising that New York was one of the clubs Cleveland called about a possible trade for LT Kevin Shaffer, who became expendable, to say the least, when the Browns selected Joe Thomas third overall.

However, Reese offered a quick ‘thanks, but no thanks' to the Browns, who were looking for a fourth-round pick in the current draft or a third-rounder next season. While Shaffer has experience and would come pretty cheap, giving up that much for someone who's honestly probably not a whole lot better than Diehl wouldn't have made sense. Once again, good work, Jerry.

The Giants would like you to think that Guy Whimper has made enough progress to be considered a legitimate candidate at left tackle. While we're in no position to disprove that theory, you could safely file that one into the ‘we'll believe it when we see it' category.

Whoever thought we'd actually ever miss Luke Petitgout? But most folks I know would much rather have number 77 out on the left flank than number 66.

Jersey Giants? For once it's not New Jerseyans griping about their home-state teams using New York in their names. This time it's three New York assemblymen, who clearly have a whole bunch of free time on their hands, that have sponsored a bill to prevent the Giants, Jets and soccer's Red Bulls (yes, they still exist), from using ‘New York' because they don't play their games in the Empire State.

"At the very least, the location of the place where a team plays should be accurate, and reflect where they actually play their home games," Assemblyman Ivan Lafayette, of Queens, writes in the bill, as reported by The Record of Bergen County.

Are you with me here in waiting for the punch line? Are these people actually serious? I've never been an assemblyman, nor do I pretend to know what one's supposed to do. But I can say unequivocally that if this guy and the bill's two other co-sponsors (Jeffrey Dinowitz and Felix Ortiz) get a nice, cushy title and a fat paycheck to worry about things like this, I would like to know where to send my résumé.

The fact that fans are arguing about this topic is not only understandable, but expected. Political figures getting involved, however, is downright laughable.

I sure hope Assemblyman Lafayette isn't losing any sleep over what the New Jersey Nets plan to call themselves after they move to Brooklyn.

My $.02 – In light of Terrell Owens' and Julius Jones' recent disparaging remarks about future Hall-of-Fame coach Bill Parcells, it might really be time to officially turn a deaf ear. Our country definitely needs a Miller Lite Man Law prohibiting grown men from whining about other grown men after they've had plenty of previous face-to-face time during which to air their grievances and opted not to. While it would be wonderful if such offenders could be simply slapped upside the head, for now, we should just resort to shutting off our tape recorders and video cameras once the BS starts flowing.

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