Anthony convinced he's Wright Man for Job

TGI recently sat down with New York's newest quarterback, Anthony Wright, to discuss his role among the Giants quartet of QBs. Here's what Mr. Wright had to say.

Q: How excited are you to be joining the Giants?

A: I'm excited about the opportunity to come here and play with this team, be a part of the organization and have a chance to compete with this team.

Q: Where do you see yourself fitting in?

A: I see myself just competing. We're all competing. I feel like those guys are a little ahead of me as far as the offense is concerned. But I feel like as long as we get a fair chance to compete, I'll fit in where I'll fit in.

Q: How are you picking things up so far?

A: I think I'm picking things up pretty decently. I've only run the offense for a couple weeks now. But I feel good about it. I'm getting more confident and the more confidence I get in the offense, the better off I'll be.

Q: How hard is it to move from one system to the next?

A: It is pretty difficult. Most of the time I was in Baltimore, so I knew that offense pretty well, like the back of my hand. Obviously last year I did a one-year contract with Cincinnati before I came here. The longer you get to stay in a system, obviously the more familiar you'll be with it and what you're supposed to do. That's the only hard thing about going from team to team.

Q: Do you still have moments in the huddle when you revert back to a previous offense?

A: Oh, probably so. Sometimes I do because you grow comfortable with a particular system. But you're at a time and place where you can't allow for those types of mistakes and allow for those situations. You have to adjust as fast as you can and catch on.

Q: Why sign here with Eli Manning already here?

A: This is an opportunity to come in and be on a team that has potential and play behind a guy that has potential. Hopefully I can help him as best as I can. So far, we've just been working and trying to get better.

Q: If we got a chance to see you play an extended period of time, what would we see?

A: I just try to manage the game well, be accurate with the ball and make good decisions. I try to go to the places I need to go to with the ball and try to keep us in situations and positions to make big plays and win games.

Q: You like New York so far?

A: I like it a lot. New York is a nice place. There are a lot of things going on in New York. It's cool to come here and play in the big city.

Q: Have you connected with any of your new teammates yet?

A: I knew a few guys coming in like Plaxico (Burress) and Will Demps. I'm just coming in and trying to do my job but of course it helps to know a few guys.

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