In the locker room

What the Giants had to say after the game...

Micheal Barrow

On the defense:

The first half we were a sleeping giant and the second half we just woke up and willed ourselves on this team. Like Strahan said at the end of the game, 'thank god for four quarters and not two quarters.' We came out and started putting this thing on them and starting taking away everything and just playing ball, just to create takeaways and make something happen.

On holding Seattle to six points:

Anytime you can hold a team like that to six points, especially considering last week Dilfer threw for over 300 yards against Arizona, that is always good. They had some opportunities where they moved the ball a little bit and had good field position. But, we just willed ourselves, we were like, 'they are not going to score.' And, our offense did a good job, kicking the field goals and special teams was good. They gave us enough room to win the game.

Ron Dayne

On his running:

I didn't run any different. The line was doing a good job, the receivers did a good job, everyone did a good job. I was just able to get some yards. I just went out to play hard. Whenever they need me, I am here. Sometimes the running game for me doesn't work and sometimes it does.

On his performance:

I feel good today, but I feel good because we won. I just want us to keep going out, week after week, and do what we half to do to win. Tiki and I both went out and played well, the line blocked well and we were able to get some yards.

On the Seattle defense:

They were bringing everybody. It was kind of hard at first to adjust to it, so at the half we came out and adjusted to it and pick it up.

Jason Sehorn

On the Giants play:

Defensively, we played exceptionally well. Offensively, we had a slow start and once we got going, they started picking it up and moving the ball all over the place. I don't think our offense's problem is moving the ball, I think, more or less, it is just punching it in, and we are working on that. You can tell they are not inhibited by making progress on the football field, because in the first half and the second half, you are looking at two completely different football teams out there.

On holding the Seahawks to six points and holding Dilfer under 120 yards passing:

DeWayne Walker, our DB coach, should get a lot of credit for getting us in the right positions, and second, the players out there. People are just stepping up and making plays. You look at Will Peterson. That's two weeks in a row the game has ended in his hands. That's not a bad place to be.

Shaun Williams

On the Giants:

I love the attitude on our team that we just want to get better all of the time. And guys are working hard to get better. I think we are going to continue to make progress.

On the defense shutting out Seattle in the second half:

We knew we had to be lights out. We knew our offense was going to put points on the board. We knew we couldn't allow too many more points, if any. We just went out there and played hard as a defense. The defensive line did a good job. Our corners did a great job. Two weeks in a row Will Peterson came up big for us. Will Allen played well all game long. So, I take my hat off to everybody. Everybody played well today.

Amani Toomer

On the difference between the first and second halves:

We have to believe, as professionals, that one play can't affect the next one. You have to erase everything in the first quarter, second quarter and move on. It's a four quarter game. You half to treat it as such. You can get too upset about any bad quarter or half.

On Matt Bryant:

I always thought he was a good kicker. I saw him do a lot of things in the preseason. Out organization won't bring in anyone that not good.

Matt Bryant

On the short field goals:

Sometimes those are tougher than your longer ones. It's in that range where you have to make it. My goal is - 39 yards and in, be 100 percent; from 40 and out, depending on where it's at, the percentages drop a little bit.

On the wind:

During pre-game you go and figure out what the wind's doing. Someone told me, 'Welcome to Giants Stadium,' because that wind is unreal. One way, it would shoot right across to the left, and the other way, it would was pretty solid going straight. Plus, that field was pretty chewed up. Those were some tough kicks, both by me and by Lindell.

On his game-winning kick:

Almost the whole team came out to the middle of the field to congratulate me. That feels good. I feel more like I am part of the team.

On his relationship with other Giants:

They all know who I am now.

On what Matt Allen said after the winning kick:

He turned to me and said, 'Great kick.' I told him, 'Good job.' My job depends on the snapper and the holder. You half to be fluid, otherwise it's a toss of the coin.

On any pressure on the game-winner:

It was just another kick. It's my job. Everybody has a job. I do what I am expected to do. That's kind of how I take it. My approach is: It's a job, go out and do what you are supposed to do.

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