They said it

"I checked out the splits on the receivers, I figured they were going to throw an out; I saw it, made the brake and made the play. I was sitting on the routes, watching for a deep route but they weren't throwing them. In the first half we were just going through the motions, and in the second half we came out and did what we needed to do. It was a dogfight, but that shows a lot of character about this team and it shows when we need to buckle down we can." -Will Peterson

Michael Strahan - It's the character of the whole team.  It was a tough win, we knew the Seahawks are a good team, a team that's going to fight the heck out of you the entire game, so we just had to hang in there for four quarters and give ourselves a chance to win.  Our mind set is that we will win the game, no matter who we're playing against and that's the thing, it's four quarters this game.  We were sleep walking through the first half, and the second half we kind of woke up, offense moved the ball and got enough points on the board to win the game and defense held them when they had to.

Jason Whittle - Today the Seahawks were bringing all kinds of stuff at us.  They had us flustered, but we started settling down the second half and we knew that we could do it.  Their defense came in here ready to play.  They were 0 and 2 and I'm sure they weren't happy about that.  They played hard.  We just kept fighting and we came out on top.  Towards the end of the game we started pounding the ball a little bit and it opened up our throwing game.  It makes it so much easier when you can do that.

Tiki Barber - I think most importantly we played as a team.  We didn't do great things on offense but our defense supported us and special teams when we needed them came through, especially Matt.  That's what it takes to win in this league, team effort.  Most games aren't blowouts; most games come down to the last drive.  It's all about perseverance. 
Kenny Holmes - We went into this game saying the things we had to do and that was play well.  We played well against the 49ers and the Rams.  We've got to put these strings together by playing well.  Our secondary was covering real well, we were able to put some pressure on the quarterback and everything was working out.  We had a break down here and there, not many though.

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