Bradshaw no Typical 7th-Rounder

Of all the big names taken by New York in the 2007 NFL Draft, you hear about their final pick, running back Ahmad Bradshaw, as much as anyone. That's because the Giants are pretty sure they beat the system and got quite a steal with the 250th overall pick.

There's no disputing the fact that Bradshaw, who ran into some off-field trouble and came out after his junior season, would have been better served to play his final year at Marshall. But he's got a young daughter to provide for and the Giants seem more than willing to let him mature – both on and off the field – under their watch.

Bradshaw can clearly run and has displayed some impressive speed and moves during offseason camps. But where he might have the most value is as a third-down receiving back, which is something the Giants desperately need.

The true test will come up in Albany, but until then there sure seems to be plenty of steak to Bradshaw's sizzle.

This completes our look at New York's draft class of '07. In the coming days look for positional breakdowns of the Giants offense and the key questions each unit needs to answer while up in Albany.

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