Blue Notes

More notes on Big Blue... After watching tape and grading the players and units, Fassel said the Giants defense succeeded on 14 of its 15 goals Sunday against the Seahawks.

Fassel's take on yesterday's game: "There were a lot of things we need to get better at and a lot of things we did well."

Rookie WR Daryl Jones, despite making "some bad decisions," according to Fassel, will remain the club's primary guy on both kick and punt returns.

LG Rich Seubert was responsible for surrendering both of Seattle's back-to-back sacks in the first quarter.

Fassel has been very pleased with his starting OL and his defense. "This defense hustles as hard as any defense we've had here," he said. As for the O-line, "this is the smartest group we've had here," Fassel said.

Finally, believe it or not, TE Jeremy Shockey is human, after all. "I don't think he played real well," Fassel said. "He could do some things better."

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