Plenty to be Excited About

So the annual preseason publications are out and guess what? Yup, everyone thinks the Giants are going to stink.

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone picking them above third and several predict that they're going to settle in nicely in the NFC East basement. Through years of experience, we can tell you only one thing for certain. That means absolutely nothing.

For sure everyone's worried about the Giants' offensive question marks and defensive holes, but there's also a heck of a lot to be excited about regarding this team. We're not trying to be rah-rah homers here, just point out some facts that appear to have been overlooked by the ‘experts.'

While there's no real statistical way to measure, it sure does seem that almost every time the Giants are supposed to be good, they disappoint, and almost every time they're supposed to be lousy, they pop up and surprise everyone. If that's the case, then this season might just be a lot more fun than most are figuring. Let's take a look at some of the reasons for optimism in Giants land.

For starters, the head coach and quarterback both have their backs to the wall. True competitors and fighters, which both have already proven to be, are known to come out swinging in such situations. That's why it wouldn't be crazy to see the best out of both this coming season. New York has close to 500 pounds of tailback. Mean, lean, angry with something to prove tailback. That should be a lot of fun to watch. The receiving corps? If they all return and remain healthy, we wouldn't trade those four WRs and that TE for any other quintet in the league. Seriously, we wouldn't.

Michael Strahan says he's healthy and still at the top of his game. Who are we to argue? The draft class looks right now to be a real good one. You can all but officially count on the top four making an impact from day one and there's a pretty good chance that two of the later picks might be major contributors as well. Aaron Ross will be among the top three CBs, Steve Smith likely the third receiver, Jay Alford among the top three DTs and Zak DeOssie one of the most important special teams cover guys. While it's hard to envision too much out of Adam Koets and Michael Johnson at this point, you sure can very easily see Kevin Boss running downfield alongside Jeremy Shockey and Ahmad Bradshaw catching passes out of the backfield on third down.

The Giants have a kicker that not only can drain long field goals but kick off deep as well. No, that's certainly not the most exciting thing to the fans and media, but the players and coaches will tell you it's an invaluable asset to have.

Win, lose or draw the Giants are going overseas to play in London. If you haven't already started making preparations to make the trip, contact Giants Road Crew ( at once. This is one event you don't want to miss.

Your favorite TGI editor (I know, it was a close vote) just finished writing his first hardcover book. It's titled Game of My Life: New York Giants and will be in bookstores by the start of the season.

And the absolute best reason to be excited about the Giants this upcoming season? This one's easy. You get to follow everything that goes on all season long every step of the way in The Giant Insider and online at

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