Camp Storylines

In the next week, TGI will look at several key topics Giants fans should keep their eyes on once training camp opens on Saturday.

TC coaching for his job – We all know that when push comes to shove, no player really cares all that much about playing for his coach's job. If he did, he never would have let said coach get into a predicament in the first place. The Giants organization wants to see Tom Coughlin succeed and stick around. Not only would it be cheaper, but it certainly would be easier. The fans are split – some wanted Coughlin gone this past offseason; others are willing to give him one final chance. Regardless, there's only so much Coughlin can do with a somewhat flawed roster. It'll be interesting to see if the players rally and make a run or if things get real ugly after a slow start.

On the run – No matter what Brandon Jacobs and Reuben Droughns do this season, it won't be enough. The most important thing is that they already know that. Replacing Tiki Barber at running back is no easy task. It's not important that the two-headed monster tailback duplicate Barber's output, just that they do what they're asked to do in this offense.

On the firing line – Everyone's prepared for David Diehl to fail at left tackle. Everyone, that is, except for the offensive linemen themselves, which, as we all well know, are really the only people who matter. It remains to be seen how Diehl fares and how the entire offensive line holds up this season. But with a team top-heavy with offensive talent, a porous line could be disastrous. Surely you've heard by now that the games are won in the trenches.

The Kiwi experiment – There's already been way too much talk and coverage of Mathias Kiwanuka's move to linebacker. Expect that only to heighten during training camp. Kiwanuka is moving from a down lineman to a stand-up strong side linebacker. It's been obvious during the offseason that it's not going to happen overnight, but Kiwi is surely smart and athletic enough to pull this off.

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