Camp Battles: RB

Everyone knows that Brandon Jacobs is being given the first chance to take over for Tiki Barber as New York's starting tailback.

However, Reuben Droughns didn't pile up 3,327 yards during his seven-year career to just comfortably play second fiddle. Not many folks are viewing this position as a battle for playing time, but that very much is the case.

Jacobs not only says he feels quicker this year, but he sure looks it as well. He has an extra bounce in his step and as added chip on his shoulder as a result of all the critics that have expressed doubt in his ability to be an effective every-down back.

But the Giants didn't just bring in Droughns to spell Jacobs. If he proves to be more effective, dependable and the like, he'll certainly take the lion's share of the carries this season. Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said he doesn't yet know how the carries will be distributed – basically because it'll be based on who earns them. The month up in Albany will certainly go a long way toward determining that scenario.

In the next few days, TGI will take a closer look at some of the key camp positional battles that are expected to unfold in the next few weeks.

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