Has Coughlin Really Changed?

Please check out TGI's newest feature "Live From the Sidelines!" in the lower left column of our site for up-to-the minute news reports from Albany. Meanwhile... Tom Coughlin says he's a changed man.

Through day one in Albany, it was clear that he might just be onto something. Coughlin, when pressed by others, especially his family, made it a point this offseason to show more personality when dealing with the media and become the ‘kinder, gentler' Tom Coughlin that everyone apparently wants and needs to see.

"I have certainly addressed issues that were brought to my attention," he said Thursday morning as training camp '07 officially opened. "I have been at this for a long time and I believe that there is a certain way that these things are done. I think I can approach many things from a little bit different standpoint. To be honest with you I thought over the course of the last eight games (last year) that in order to keep our team going and that type of thing a lot of my approach changed. Those are things you would not know anything about. I have changed but I also have things that I believe in obviously that I will hold true."

Coughlin caught eyes when he was asked the obligatory Eli Manning question that, in all fairness to the coach, he has been asked close to 5 million times by now. Instead of popping off like he has in the past, he said he'd be patient and answer the question. There was no question that he would have rather not had to deal with the query from an Albany media member, and understandably so, but he did.

"I think you always try to improve," he said. "I think you always try to benefit from self-analysis. In that respect hopefully I will be able to improve on some things."

The Giants players sure hope so.

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